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Parking fuss

WHAT a lot of fuss over parking bays for parents with children how many who say they need to use them wait for one to come available?

WHAT a lot of fuss over parking bays for parents with children how many who say they need to use them wait for one to come available? Could be a long wait considering the amount of shoppers with children compared with the amount of allocated spaces perhaps they could have a booking service.

At busy times it’s a struggle to find a parking space and it would be more practical to leave them as normal parking places. I am very much in favour of the disability parking bays as these people need all the help and assistance possible I believe misuse of these should be heavily penalised.


Castle Bromwich


Door issue

WE HAVE two young granchildren and I totally agree with Sainsbury’s policy of fining people who park in parent and child bays.

Has Mrs Worsley tried to open car doors fully to get a child out of a car seat when in a car park? it is nigh on impossible. Or how about putting the child back in the seat when someone has parked so close you cannot get the door open.

There are only a few parent and child bays so they should not be abused by thoughtless people who cannot be bothered to walk a few extra yards.

Malcolm Butler, via e-mail


Ban them all

Re: Parent and child parking spaces (Letters). How I detest these designated car parking spaces. If a parent cannot manage to manoeuvre a child from a car parking space to a supermarket safely then I question their ability to parent in the first place.

D Widdowson, Shirley


Toddlers only

IS this woman for real (Letters)? Surely she doesn’t seriously think someone with a 17 year old child in the car should be entitled to park in these spaces? Even Sainsbury’s limit of 12 is ridiculously high!

These spaces are intended for parents with babies and toddlers not those with children who are quite capable of getting in and out of cars unaided and dealing with their own safety belts!

Such spaces do not need to be close to store entrances. If they were situated further away perhaps people would not abuse the service.

Shirley Barrett

Langfield Road



Wartime tale

I WAS interested to read the article in the News (Friday, January 1) regarding the plane which came down in Earlswood in 1941. At that time I was 17 and living in Station Road, Wythall.

We heard the noise first - it was circling and getting lower and louder every minute. From a bedroom window I was watching until there was the final explosion.

Suddenly the road was alive with people on bikes and a few of the ones with a drop of petrol all set out to the scene of the crash.

We had not petrol to spare so had to stay and watch from the window. It was just a couple of fields away. I shall try to go to the Earlswood Museum when it opens again.

Olga Stephens

Emscote Green




LISTENING to the enquiry into the invasion of Iraq makes one totally sickened at the hypocrisy of the likes of Bush and Blair.

They bow their heads in public and declare their allegiance to the religion which they are committed, yet they thought nothing of subjecting an already impoverished and deprived people to the pain and horror of their weapons of mass destruction.

They are not much better than the terrorist that they berate.

I walked out of Sunday school when I was still a young child, because it seemed to me that the grown ups did not adhere to the axioms we were being taught.

George Bernard Shaw was right ‘There’s nothing wrong with Christianity, it’s the Christians that put me off!’

Raymond Pegg

Peterbrook Road

Solihull Lodge


Hum it again

I HAVE noticed the background ‘humming noise’ which was reported in the Solihull News recently is still there. I have spoken to my neighbours who have also heard it.

This problem is now becoming annoying, particularly getting off to sleep at night time.

Could the News begin an investigation into the causes and invite comments from residents? Perhaps involve the environmental department at the Council?

Any help would be appreciated as this is making life uncomfortable. We have lived here for 24 years and have only recently noticed this problem.

David Peplow

Westgrove Ave, Monkspath


Thank you

ON December 23 I slipped on the ice at about 10.50am in Richmond Road Olton, two motorists immediately stopped to help.

One was a young man who had first aid experience and was very kind, the other was a young woman who offered to run me home. I had broken my arm and was in shock and did not get their phone numbers so I could thank them.

All I can remember is the gentleman had a red car and the lady was a local mobile haidresser. I want to thank them both for their good deeds, Bless you both.

Christina Delpino

Lyndon Road



True grit

I WOULD like to thank all those hard working people who are doing their best to keep our roads clear during this difficult period. I have travelled to other areas and I have to say compared to them I was glad to get back onto Solihull’s roads.

Councillor Robert Hall


A tidy sum

I would like to express my thanks to the generous members of the public for once again supporting our efforts to raise funds for our worthwhile causes:

Now that Christmas and New Year have passed, Solihull Lions are back at work and we have been doing our sums.

The Christmas raffle in Mell Square raised £700 for our work supporting the local and wider communities. All three prize winners were local.

Phil James, president - Solihull Lions Club



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