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Parking joy for Hermitage and Seven Star residents

RESIDENTS living in two Silhill roads have welcomed the introduction of new traffic restrictions.

Councillor Les Creswell (opposition spokesperson, Transport), Councillor Leela Widger and resident Eric Hall on Hermitage Road.

RESIDENTS living in two Silhill roads have welcomed the introduction of new traffic restrictions.

Solihull Council has responded to the concerns of people living in Hermitage and Seven Star Road. Locals had complained that commuters were parking their vehicles in the morning and leaving them there all day.

This had caused major congestion in the area and sparked fears over the safety of the residential streets. More than 50 locals had previously put their names to a petition, which was submitted in October last year.

At a cabinet meeting earlier this year, Coun Leela Widger (Lib Dem, Silhill) had explained the problems and appealed for the authority to introduce yellow lines in Hermitage Road and restricting parking in nearby Seven Stars.

Coun Ted Richards, cabinet member for transport, highways and infrastructure, agreed to the introduction of tougher restrictions and these came into force last week.

According to Coun Widger, parking had been a problem in the area for a number of years and was a regular cause of concern for those living there.

“The road, also used as an ambulance and bus route, had regularly been the subject of lengthy queues and near-misses,” she said.

Now the measures have been introduced, residents are hopeful that traffic will be able to pass along the road a lot more easily.

It’s not the first time that the council has acted to stop people parking in the streets around the town centre.

“But previous measures have sometimes proven controversial - restrictions introduced to Hillfield last year angered many locals who were given tickets for parking outside their homes.



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