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Parking mad

DURING our survey of over 1,200 Knowle residents two objections are paramount in the eyes of the 85 per cent of people who oppose the current Waitrose superstore.

DURING our survey of over 1,200 Knowle residents two objections are paramount in the eyes of the 85 per cent of people who oppose the current Waitrose superstore.

The proposed car parking arrangements are simply seen as unworkable.

Waitrose claim their plans will create 180 space car parks. They forgot to mention that 27 spaces were included from the Red Lion, 17 kerbside spaces would and the two disabled spaces outside Loch Fyne.

This means the true net figure of 134 spaces meaning only 12 new spaces are created which are totally inadequate from the present 123 presently available.

Most stores of this size have exclusive customer parking of between 150-200 spaces additional to any already available to the public. It’s a pity Waitrose omitted also to mention where staff will park.

Councillor Jeff Potts

Knowle Ward


Pravda gag

THE Government has just announced it is to stop councils publishing weekly or fortnightly freesheets, described as town hall Pravdas by one minister.

Many are no more than propaganda material for local authority activities and services, but some print non-council content such as TV listings, which threatens to put local newspapers out of business.

It’s a pity the Government didn’t go further and get rid of other taxpayer-funded publications like Your Solihull, a glossy quarterly magazine produced by Solihull Council and distributed free to homes in the borough.

Invariably full of rather twee ‘good news’ stories and never containing anything at all damaging to the council, what does it achieve? Many magazines must go straight in the bin.

I doubt that if challenged, the council could justify the cost in these difficult economic times.

Peter Kennedy



A cut too far

IN his budget speech on Tuesday, June 22 George Osborne says his top priority is cutting the deficit.

But to get the deficit down, you need to keep economic growth up and unemployment down. You don’t get borrowing down by pulling the plug on support for business, throwing people out of work and stifling economic growth.

The budget will throw people out of work, hold back economic growth and damage the public services we all rely on - and increased VAT from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent so higher prices will be paid by everyone.

The Tories’ cuts are unfair to families and older people; cuts to the disability living allowance, cuts to help for the jobless, cuts to tax credits, cutting back free school meals, and cuts to child benefit, which they have frozen for the next three years.

What the country needed was a budget to support economic growth, protect jobs and cut the deficit fairly. Instead the Tories gave us a reckless budget that pulls the rug out from under the recovery.

It’s the Thatcher era all over again! This time its worse, it’s supported by the Lib Dems who have at last found their true home in bed with the Tories.

Hon Alderman Matthew Redmond MBE

Chaucer Grove, Acocks Green


Bumps work

WITH reference your article on speed bumps (Solihull News). Before you can appreciate speed bumps you need to live in a road with speeding traffic to welcome them.

I have lived in Hurdis Road Shirley for 35 years and the volume and speed of traffic has increased nearly to main road proportions. Our speed bumps tend to slow the traffic down slightly, mainly in the evening. From 0700 until about 0930 and later around 1600 until 1830 the road becomes a race track, ignoring speed bumps.

Because the road runs parallel with the Stratford Road anyone coming from the Maypole/ Colebrook area uses Middleton Road and Hurdis Road as a short cut. There is also an increase in HGVs using it.

Speed bumps, traffic calming measures should be on all housing estate / built up area roads where there is speeding traffic, the bigger the better. Moans about damage to underside of vehicles can be put down to driving over them to fast.

There should be a compulsory speed limit of 20-25mph on housing estate roads.

Howard Maine via e-mail


Slow down

IN response to your article over speed bumps I believe they do work. We have speed bumps on our estate and they do slow vehicles down.

The benefits are that children are safer to play out, also it’s more comfortable and safer to walk, cycle and just chat to neighbours on our roads. Roads where traffic runs too quickly become menacing.

Although crude, good speed bumps force drivers to slow down, I have seen this many times. On nearby roads the council have opted for painting the road using signs, and very shallow raised junctions. I am sorry to say that many drivers just ignore these.

D Clements

Kimberley Road, Solihull


Right idea

COUNCILLOR David Jamieson, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, is to be commended for his new approach of asking for comments from the council tax payers.

His recent rulings on road humps is to be applauded as these can be very dangerous to car owners in that they can rip apart the inner (or outer) shoulder of a car tyre. The tremors caused by vehicles mounting and crashing back down off the humps can also cause damage to nearby walls.

Linda Brown

Devitts Close. Shirley



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