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The PC is fighting says Solihull IT guru

LOOK over your shoulder tablets, the PC is fighting back.

LOOK over your shoulder tablets, the PC is fighting back.

That was the conclusion after last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The overwhelming story was the emergence of the Ultrabook. These are thin, lightweight devices designed to take on tablets in the portability stakes whilst offering full PC functionality and a proper keyboard.

Whilst super thin and light in the laptop stakes, ultrabooks are still about double the thickness and weight of an iPad. Nevertheless, the better models have caused quite a buzz.

Because most of them are designed for Windows 8, they cannot hit the open market until that is released later in the year. With the iPad3 and Kindle Fire tablets also on the shelves then, the pre-Christmas 2012 sales war is going to get really interesting.

Meanwhile, why not go to Google and look up the folding Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. It runs Windows 8 and has traditional and touchscreen keyboards.

At 17mm thick and 1500 grams in weight, it is expected to be a real contender when it gets to market, despite a higher than average price tag, because of its versatility and convenience.



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