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Petrol price rise worries drivers

WORRIED UK drivers are watching petrol prices rise faster than the surge we saw last spring.

WORRIED UK drivers are watching petrol prices rise faster than the surge we saw last spring.

On average fuel is pushing through 95p a litre after the 2.12p increase at the beginning of April.

I set out on a mission to find the cheapest petrol station in Solihull.

The result? All motorists head to the Shell garage in Shirley.

At 92.9p a litre, the filling station on Stratford Road is officially the cheapest supplier of unleaded petrol in the borough.

For the cheapest diesel you will need to visit the Shell garage on Warwick Road near Dovehouse Parade.

They are charging just 99.9p a litre - the only station in the borough below a pound.

The best value-for-money areas are Shirley, Solihull Lodge and Olton before prices rise as you head into the north of Solihull.

BP and Texaco stations on Coventry Road in Sheldon are charging 96.9p a litre for unleaded petrol while the latter sells diesel for 104.9p a litre - the highest in the area.

The most expensive unleaded petrol lies in the Texaco forecourt on Chelmsley Road in Chelmsley Wood where drivers will part 98.9p per litre.

Between mid-March and mid-April, as the price of oil rose around $5 a barrel, the average national price of petrol went up from 90.56p per litre to 95.01p.

During the same period last year, when oil rose $10 a barrel, the price of petrol rose 1.3p, from 106.8 to 108.1p per litre.

The 4.45p leap in petrol prices has increased the cost of a tank of petrol by £2.23, lifting the monthly fuel spend for a family with two petrol cars by £9.65. Petrol prices were last at 95p a litre on November 13 2008.

“For UK drivers, despite being in a recession, rising fuel costs are again making it hard to make ends meet for UK families,” said AA president Edmund King.

“It is not clear whether it is the stock markets or the oil industry trying to pump up the value of oil. However, there is growing concern that the fundamentals of supply and demand are not being reflected in prices.”



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