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WELL, that’s it! Job done! The hard work is over and my hanging baskets are planted.

WELL, that’s it! Job done! The hard work is over and my hanging baskets are planted. All I need to do now is sit back and wait for the plants to grow and produce a beautiful display of vibrant and attractive flowers.

Well, in theory! Unfortunately the weather, lack of water and the caterpillars that chomp through the leaves can make a hanging basket look weedy and pathetic – far from its full potential. A bit like us really! We too can be weakened by difficult circumstances, battered by the storms of life, chewed by the caterpillars of worry, fear, stress or anger. Never really reach our full potential!

God, our Heavenly Father knows all about our lives and the things which spoil them and He is longing to pour out His love and blessing to help us. Look at the Bible which is full of kind and tender words just for us. One example taken from the 23rd Psalm says: “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside still waters, and he restores my soul.”

How amazing! God wants to lead us into a quiet place to bring restoration to our broken and damaged lives – if only we would let Him. If only we would ask for His help!

Try sitting quietly and read all the other lovely words in Psalm 23. Allow the presence of the Holy Spirit of God to wrap you round with comfort and love – and receive a sense of calmness and peace. God wants you to feel nurtured, cared for, restored and healed.

If my hanging baskets are not watered they shrivel but regular attention and the use of a miracle fertiliser produces glorious, stunning vibrant flowers. We are just the same; if we allow God to water and feed us regularly with his miraculous love we will begin to blossom and flourish. Sit in His presence today. Let His love touch you and wrap you round. It is life changing!

Ann Polson, Solihull Methodist Church



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