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Post box alert

I HAVE lived in the borough for 48 years - and there has always been a postbox in this same spot (Widney Lane).

I HAVE lived in the borough for 48 years - and there has always been a postbox in this same spot (Widney Lane).

Suddenly and without prior warning - it has been taped up and a notice stuck on it, saying it is to be removed for health and safety reasons.

We, the residents (many OAPs amongst us) are distraught... unable to walk the distances to other boxes and we don’t have cars.

I have contacted Royal Mail and Solihull Council about it - neither appeared to know much about it.

Health and safety, after all these years? The world has gone completely mad. Leave our post box alone!

Carole Howell

Clinton Road, Shirley


Flower box bins

IT’S sad to see all the flower boxes disappearing in Shirley. I am wondering now where people are going to dump their rubbish, as most of the floral displays were spoiled with cigarette packets, lighters, match boxes, chocolate wrappers etc. The list goes on. I know there are several bins for that purpose but unfortunately people don’t know what they are for, perhaps if they were to be marked with high visibility paint it might make them used more.

W Palmer

Sandfield Close, Shirley


Weedy world

REGARDING the lack of floral displays I was pleased to read that Bickenhall/Marston Green have won their battle with Solihull MBC to have the floral planters returned to their village.

So, can Balsall Common also have theirs returned to the island situated in the centre of the village (on Kenilworth Road)?

Also, whilst the council arrange this perhaps they would like to take a look at the roundabouts at either end of Hall Meadow Road and another in Sunnyside Lane, which have been allowed to become islands of weeds. Why is Balsall Common being neglected as Knowle and Solihull roundabouts have beautiful floral displays.

K Fogarty

Rushton Close, Balsall Common


The Good Life

MY PARTNER Mr Paul Donohoe and my neighbour Mr Matthew Martin, his wife Nock and daughter Matilda of number 62, and David Grice of number 68, also John and Claire and Brogan their daughter and myself, provide all the residents with fresh vegetables. It’s a case of pick your own.

At the moment we have runner beans, sprouts, onions, potatoes, lettuce, mint, tomatoes, marrow, courgettes, cucumber, chillies, carrots, peppers, coriander, sweetcorn. My partner is retired and has a heart condition and this is his hobby.

Janet Bishop

Brackleys Way, Olton


Total care

I RECENTLY had a total knee replacement and was cared for on ward 15 at Solihull Hospital where the nursing care was second to none.

Nothing was too much trouble and everything was done with a smile.

Thank you ladies and God bless you for all your help.

Maureen Bastock

Damson Wood


Super help

MY daughter and several fellow students from Alderbrook School have recently departed on a World Challenge trip to Tanzania in Africa. They were each required to raise enough funds to enable them to participate in this adventure of a lifetime, which also involves helping out at a local school during their visit.

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to Sainsburys, and in particular the Marshall Lake Road branch, for supporting these young students in their venture by allowing them to pack bags in order to raise funds.

Linda O’Connor

Shelly Crescent



They’re children

I READ your letters page every week, about 80 per cent of these are people complaining about something or other, life is so short, try to enjoy it.

The letter which caught my eye recently was from a Mr Clements, I agree with all he says, but the bit I really liked was he called children children. Today so many people, even the media, call them kids. I find this word vulgar when referring to children. You are obviously a gentleman Mr Clements.

Ann Jones

Meadow Rd, Henley-in-Arden


Cracking bump

AFTER reading all the letters about speed bumps, I feel I must reply. We have one right across the road in Yoxall Road. Almost level with our house. We and the next door neighbour are continually straightening our hall mirrors from the vibrations of heavy traffic. I wonder what it is doing to the foundations? There are already cracks appearing in the outside rendering. Is it fair wear or through the vibrations of the humps?

S Lawman

Yoxall Road, Shirley


To Maggie T

IN reply to ‘What a betrayal’ (Solihull News, July 17), I consider Raymond Pegg and Alderman Redmond a pair of chauvanists. How dare they refer to Maggie’s period as Prime Minister as ‘Brutal Thatcherism’. She was doing a fine job until men jealousy kicked her out. At least she did not leave the country in a financial mess, as have the last government, lining their own pockets in the process.

Maggie was strong, as was Churchill without whom we would probably have lost the war - and what did we ungrateful people do to him? - threw him out of office too and replaced him with a lousy Labour government. I say good luck to David Cameron - may he reign in office with the strength of Maggie and Churchill. I hope he, together with the Liberal leader will be able to get us out of the financial mess we have inherited from the Labourites.




It’s a parakeet

WITH reference to your article in the Solihull Times, (July 23, p21) concerning the parrot residing at Lyndon Road Allotment site.

I am a tenant at this site, and on seeing this beautiful bird some weeks ago my wife took some photographs of it. It is a vivid red and blue, with a blue and white tail. I notified bird and animal agencies and pet shops. I was informed that if I could catch it, they would be interested.

The bird, which is a little larger than a blackbird is in fact a parakeet as is a budgerigar, not a parrot. Parrots have a large powerful bill, capable of crushing nut shells.

This bird does not have a large bill, and eats seeds and fruit.

I have checked the internet, and the bird is actually a rosella. These birds also originate in Australia.

T O Baley

Lyndon Road, Solihull


Equality call

AS an impartial agnositic, I think the Archbishop of Canterbury, bent over too far, by offering an unjustified compromise to the vocal minority who stubbornly still believing women clergy should never be offered equality with their male counterparts, plus freedom to achieve senior and highest status in Church of England.

Sensible progressive Synod were right to reject that retrograde proposal. If God exists - which I doubt - Christian and secular principles would clearly show we are all born equal.

This misguided undemocratic dogmatic small faction must be clearly told they either accept or pack their bags and fast track into the Catholic church of Rome, (conveniently allowing they stay married); which is already in crisis, through a similar failure to be honest and forward looking.

Don Bargery

Alston Road, Solihull


Quiet please

I AGREE with David King’s letter (Solihull News) about noise pollution from rag and bone men (scrap metal collectors).

They used to shout ‘old iron’ but now have intrusive trumpets that set off all the local dogs barking. Two on the same day, one week, as well as several every week.

Ice cream vans are as bad, they don’t seem to know the councils’ laws on how long their chimes can be played.

As I live in a circular road that backs into another similar (once peaceful one) I can often hear them for almost an hour.

To add to these aforementioned peace breakers we will soon have six long weeks of screaming children.

Whatever happened to them being ‘seen but not heard’ - I must get some ear plugs.

J Greaves

Stonor Road, Hall Green



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