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Residents hit out at Birmingham Airport's flightpath plan

RESIDENTS in Balsall Common have united against Birmingham Airport’s plans which they claim would subject villagers to ‘loud and frequent noise.’

RESIDENTS in Balsall Common have united against Birmingham Airport's plans which they claim would subject villagers to loud and frequent noise.

Around 2,600 leaflets have been dropped by protesters which state that changes to flightpaths will cause southbound planes to fly at lower altitudes directly over the village.

But the airport has accused campaigners of distributing inaccurate and highly misleading information.

Balsall Common Airport Action Group member Dave Ellis said: "The problem will be the southbound flightpaths. The planes may be flying at 4,000 feet but we will get the full blast of noise and direct pollution from it. We accept that the airport is there and provides a very valuable resource for the community but there is a great deal of concern about this."

The leaflet claims that arrivals will be flying 51ft lower, as noise increases significantly to excess of 80 decibels.

This will be loud and frequent noise.

But an airport spokesperson said: "The details in the leaflet are inaccurate and highly misleading, and we urge people to visit our website for the correct information.

"As a result of our runway extension we are required to design new Standard Instrument Departure procedures for aircraft to follow when departing to the south.

"For Balsall Common, whilst the centre line of the revised southbound departure route will move closer to the western edge of the village, aircraft following the departure route will not fly over the village centre.

"The departure routes that head to the north are further away from Balsall Common, a benefit to the northern part of the village."

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