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Review: Heather Gardner, Birmingham Rep

Heather Gardner, Birmingham Rep

Heather Gardner, Birmingham Rep

HENRIK Ibsen's classic play, Hedda Gabler, is hauled forward more than half a century and set slap bang at the start of a social revolution.

Events unfold in Edgbaston, in 1962, just before the swinging sixties destroyed many of the certainties and sentiments that had been entrenched for decades.

Our title character is a young woman, newly-married but already bored with her suburban home and husband.

To relieve the tedium she seeks to rekindle her connection with self-destructive old flame Alec. Oh, and she also has a penchant for pistols - which you just know is not going to end well.

Elisabeth Hopper is magnetic as Heather, managing to straddle the line between manipulative vixen and a woman trapped in a time which still had one foot in the Victorian-era.

Heathers dissatisfaction with her husband - which he seems completely oblivious to - is mined for comedy in the first half.

But as she grows increasingly desperate to take charge of her own destiny or, failing that, somebody else's, the audience can only watch as the play progresses to its shocking conclusion.

Until March 28.



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