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Rubbish service

Judging from the recent spate of letters of criticism regarding Veolia’s refuse collection service, it seems the rule-book has once again triumphed over common sense.

Judging from the recent spate of letters of criticism regarding Veolia’s refuse collection service, it seems the rule-book has once again triumphed over common sense.

I’d point out to the lawmakers rubbish is still rubbish, whether it’s in a black bag or a wheelie bin; it looks and smells the same, and if it’s not removed it causes a smelly unsightly mess someone has to clear up.

I’d also point out some residents don’t have the physical ability to manouevre a wheelie bin through gates and narrow passages, but nonetheless some besuited ‘official’ is now insisting that if it isn’t in a bin, it doesn’t get collected.

What arrant nonsense is this?

John Bramham, Elmdon.


Rubbish policy

I am writing with concern over all the rubbish that has accumulated around where I live.

I am a resident living on Wolseley Close and use the purple bags supplied by my local council to dispose of my household rubbish.

I have been in touch with the local council housing office, to be informed that leaflets have been dropped to all the households in the area, stating that from May 31, anyone not using the purple bags, will not have their rubbish collected. I have not received a leaflet through my letterbox which means to me that not every household if any have had them either.

There must be at least 1,000 black bags dotted around the estate full of rubbish and giving off a terrible smell being ripped open by stray animals. I pay my council tax and expect to get the services which I and many other residents pay for, it is absolutely disgusting.

Birmingham City Council will collect anything that is dumped on the sides of the roads they cover, even down to household furniture etc, as long as this is put on the side walk, what is the difference between the two councils I would like to know.

Concerned resident.


Carnival time

Saturday June 12 sees Solihull Carnival and procession taking place. This has been happening in the borough since the 1930s and over that time has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for local charities. This year our main charities are Marie Curie and a local club who support children with hearing and visual impairment.

I would just like to remind people that Malvern Hall car park will be closed all day as it is the starting point for the procession at 11.45am, which will then move down the High Street and finish in Tudor Grange park, ready for the Mayor to open the carnival 12.30pm. Full details of the route can be found at

This year we’ve received generous sponsorship from LaSer UK and Village Hotel, Solihull which mean every penny given on the day will go directly to charity.

Nick Waites

Solihull Carnival chairman



How mean can people be? I have just heard that a scrap man has taken a push bike from the drive of an elderly neighbour in Hurdis Road today. This lady relies on this bike to do her shopping as she has difficulty walking any distance, but can manage to push/ride her bike. Please be aware that there are people around who obviously would not think twice about taking things from your drive.

Concerned resident, Shirley


Have a ball

I DISAGREE with Rob Brooke, not Wagner or Mahler, please (World Cup Letters). Why not a Puccini opera? That will go down easily with the ale. As for the music, what about a Beethoven piano concerto?

That’s more harmonious than a football chant! Then if you want a ball, why not some Strauss? When you are ready for bed a certain Mozart serenade will relax you.

Harry Scharf

Ulverley Green Road, Solihull



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