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Safer driving

I READ with interest the recent article about the petition by Labour’s campaigning team calling for a 20mph limit outside the borough’s schools.

I READ with interest the recent article about the petition by Labour’s campaigning team calling for a 20mph limit outside the borough’s schools.

Although in favour of reduced speed on roads outside schools, I do not believe that putting in a blanket speed limit of 20mph is the answer. If the ‘thoughtless minority of speeders’ are already breaking 30mph restrictions, then a 20mph restriction will not have any significant effect.

I would be in favour of high visibility variable speed limit signs where crossing wardens switch them on and off when children are actively going to and from school.

But most importantly, correct enforcement of the current limits and road hazard perception education are the answer for both those crossing the road and driving on it.

Gareth Massey, Stonor Road, Hall Green


Unfair burden

WHILE no one will disagree with a sensible approach to conserving energy we think the time has come to challenge the concept of green taxes and other restrictive measures and ask if the burden of these changes is falling too heavily on British taxpayers.

Much has been achieved already by technology where vehicle engines and central heating boilers, freezers etc are much more efficient while recycling measures, house insulation and public transport are also much better.

Nationally the Government is using the green issues as stealth taxes.

At local level planning restrictions and parking regulations seek to restrict the use of the private car and recently an experimental application for car-free flats in Shirley was proposed with no parking provision at all. Residents in Ralph Road will no doubt let the council know what they feel about the additional cars parked on their frontages if these plans are approved.

Yet much of the economic well being of the Solihull community relates directly to employment in the motor industry and its related supplier and service activities.

It is people who cause CO2 emissions and perhaps the huge increase in population caused by immigration that needs to be factored into the equation before damaging targets are set.

Trevor Eames, secretary, Solihull Ratepayers Association


Thanks friends

I WISH to thank the Friends of Knowle Park for providing the wonderful new equipment chosen specifically for the older children/teenagers of Knowle.

The Friends’ fund-raising events have provided this exciting and challenging equipment which includes a zip-wire that is extremely popular, fun and which encourages the children away from their computers and into the park. Well done!

Jane Adams, Knowle parent


Thank you all

MANY thanks to the ladies and paramedics who helped me when I passed out on October 24 in the bus shelter and also the Solihull MAU Department.

Brenda, Garretts Green Lane


Key relief

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the kind person who handed in my car keys at the Aldi store in Shirley on October 29. It was definitely my lucky day. Thank you.

Pam via e-mail


Pet appeal

THE Blue Cross Animal Adoption Centre would like your help in being able to give all the animals in the centre over Christmas a special treat. A donation of 50p would help us to do this, and show that we do care about them all as they spend Christmas here. We expect to have some 70 animals over this festive time, your kindness and support is very much appreciated. Please send donations to Blue Cross, Wildmoor Lane, Catshill, Bromsgrove Worcs B61 0RJ.

Neil Edwards, manager



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