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Safety is paramount

I HAVE just received a copy of the Solihull News (Friday, January 22), and wanted to write to support the view of Mrs Leigh Dumighan in respect of Solihull Hospital Maternity Services.

I HAVE just received a copy of the Solihull News (Friday, January 22), and wanted to write to support the view of Mrs Leigh Dumighan in respect of Solihull Hospital Maternity Services.

I am a mother of three expecting a fourth baby, and I have not, and will not, choose to deliver any of my babies at Solihull, even though I live on their doorstep. I am lucky enough to be fully aware of the extent of maternity services available at Solihull, and am thankful that I chose to deliver at Heartlands, otherwise myself and my youngest may not be here today.

It angers me that people believe a service is being taken away from them, when in actual fact the Trust is improving the safety of their existing maternity services by putting these changes in place.

While a full maternity service would be fantastic in Solihull the budget given, space available and Government guidelines all prevent this, and I think Heartlands has an excellent and comprehensive maternity service only a few miles down the road. Are people really willing to risk the lives of their babies based on geography and perhaps an element of snobbery?

I would also like to say that a midwifery led service is more than adequate for most deliveries, but a detailed risk assessment should be carried out weeks before the onset of labour to determine the most appropriate location/care pathway for each mother and baby, of course there are always low risk deliveries that develop problems that cannot be identified early, this will always happen. What is currently lacking is that mothers-to-be are not being made fully aware of all potential risks and the services available at different Hospitals so they cannot make an informed decision on where to deliver their baby. The changes the Trust are introducing are finally starting to address some of these issues, however, the do-gooders have chosen to take a different view, once again, shifting the focus from what is actually at the heart of the matter – the safety of mothers and babies in Solihull!

A Mother



Thanks for kindness

ON Thursday, January 14, my daughter’s dog Patch managed to find a way onto Streetsbrook Road, where he was hit by a car. We would like to thank the lady and gentleman who stopped and came to the house to ensure Patch was ok. Despite Patch damaging their car, they were more concerned about his condition.

We would like to thank them for their kindness and concern, and to let them know that Patch is fine, we are sorry we couldn’t contact them direct, but we didn’t take their contact details, so we hope they’ll see this thank you letter.

Tim & Marie

Streetsbrook Road, Shirley


Deterrent needed

I AM writing in response to the piece in the Solihull News, (Friday, January 15), I agree that the youths should be made to paint over their graffiti, also, they should do some community work too. I feel that the law has gone mad. There’s no fear when seeing a policeman, not like when I was growing up. We showed respect, because we knew we’d be punished, and we didn’t need CCTV, grids up windows and bollards to stop cars ram-raiding shops. Bring back some sort of punishment, which will deter all these thugs doing the stupid things they do. They have licence to do anything they want, because there’s no deterrent whatsoever, and it won’t get any better until something is done.

Capital punishment did me no harm, just the threat of the cane was enough not to do the same thing twice.

Name & address supplied


Youth club reunion

WHERE are you now lads and lasses who went to the club in the late 50s and 60s. Do you remember the live bands on Saturday nights or joined in all the club activities. Table tennis, snooker, darts etc.

If you do we are proposing to do a reunion in the near future.

Anyone interested contact me on 0121 744 5099 or Ron 0121 430 3397.

Colin Hullah

59 Middleton Road, Shirley

Solihull B90 2JJ


Donations thanks

THE Berkswell Branch of the Royal British Legion wish to announce the total of their recent Poppy Appeal Campaign and to thank the residents and shoppers of the Berkswell, Balsall Common and Meriden areas. This year with their help we raised £10,118.70 which was an increase of £1,114.37.

We would like to thank all our generous donors on behalf of our Poppy Team and more importantly, on behalf of all the service personnel and dependant families who will benefit from the proceeds. The Legion have announced from National Headquarters that focus this year will be aimed at the casualties from Afghanistan. It has been a splendid effort.

Malcolm Allan

Poppy Appeal Organiser and

Branch Secretary



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