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Scrap hols and fix MP expenses, says Nick

MP’s should cancel their summer holidays until the political system is fully repaired.

MP’s should cancel their summer holidays until the political system is fully repaired.

These were the words spoken by Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg who feels radical changes need to be made to fix the corrupt system.

Speaking in Solihull Mr Clegg said he has set out a 100-day plan to transform MP’s expenses.

“My own views are if we want change we just have to get up and sieze the moment - we need to stand tall,” he said.

“Us as politicians need to sort out this mess and I think we can do it over the next 100 days.

“There are going to be a lot of people who are disgusted with what’s gone on which is why I want to give every person the right to sack their own MP.

“Making hundreds of thousands of pounds is totally unacceptable so we should cancel our summer holidays and make our system work.”

Fellow Lib Dem and MP for Solihull Lorely Burt backed the move after brandishing the system as ‘something from an old boys network’.

Details of her expenses were published earlier this week revealing the total amount claimed in 2007-08, including house expenses, was £149,002.

Since coming into Parliament in 2005, Mrs Burt said she was ‘amazed’ at how things worked and called for a drastic change at Westminister.

“I was so shocked and surprised at the way the whole system worked,” she said.

“Expenses are just the tip of the iceberg. Westminister certainly needs root and branch reform.”

Mrs Burt, who is Lib Dem spokeswoman on small businesses and chairs the Parliamentary party, added that Parliament should be accountable to the people it serves and “subject to the same checks and balances that apply to everyone living outside the Westminster bubble”.

Elsewhere Meriden MP has defended the £102.13 she claimed for a 12-month subscription to a satellite navigation service as part of the £120,832 total that she claimed.

“It is like a mobile phone service. You call them and they talk you through the directions.

“I often have to go to Birmingham to meet organisations which affect my constituency, such as the West Midlands Regional Health Authority or the West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority. I find it difficult to find my way around Birmingham becaause I don’t really live there.

Mrs Spelman is one of few MPs to claim nothing towards rent or mortgage on a home.



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