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See sense

I am writing about the accidents at the islands on Stratford Road (Solihull News).

I am writing about the accidents at the islands on Stratford Road (Solihull News). We live not far from these islands and have complained about the speed of traffic.

It is a race track from Marshall Lake Road to Dog Kennel Lane, these islands do nothing to slow the traffic down.

When they put plans in to build the car showrooms and the apartments on the opposite sides of the road we made our views known that it would be a problem, but we were over ruled because the Highways Dept said the islands would slow the traffic down.

We are now paying the price of these decisions.

There are a lot of pensioners living around here and if you want to cross the road opposite Honda to get the bus you take your life in your hands - the view is restricted and the speed they come at is very dangerous.

There are now more plans in to knock houses down and build another car showroom, offices, workshop and used cars on the opposite side to Honda just before the Dog Kennel Island.

Again we are objecting because of the problems we are already having and this will be another nightmare. Let’s hope someone will see sense this time.

Mrs Pauline Cotton , via e-mail


Significant date

Catholics will note that Osama bin Laden’s death was on the Feast of Divine Mercy - a feast established for special prayers to be said to implore divine mercy for a world immersed in sin.

It is also a time when we remember to be merciful to our neighbour. Let us hope that there is mercy from God for him. Not only did bin Laden die on the Feast of Divine Mercy, but also on the day when the man who instituted the feast, Pope John Paul II, was beatified.

Margaret Sealey via e-mail


Get real on HS2

I have to admire Mr. HT Harvey for his persistence and blind optimism in support of HS2, but it seems to me that recently his fervour has been growing increasingly desperate.

Let me put it in a nutshell for him; against all the laws of physics, Mr Harvey tells us that the 250mph HS2 will be quieter than IC125 units - so Einstein was wrong, then? Steel wheels on steel tracks make noise - lots of it, and the faster they go the more noise they make - fact.

He tells us that HS2 will cut the Birmingham - London travelling time by 20 minutes or so - in simple arithmetic that means around £1 billion for every minute saved; is this what anyone would call value for money?

He goes on to say that HS2 will bring jobs and prosperity to the Midlands; however we all know that as London is allegedly the epicentre of British business, it’s unlikely that companies already in London will relocate northwards simply because of a slightly quicker passenger service; in reality it’s far more likely that if they are going to move, businesses will go south.

As for jobs, yes, there might be a couple of thousand created, but the majority of quoted jobs figures would only be temporary for the duration of the building phase.

Finally, he quotes the ‘long term success’ of the French TGV.

I would remind him, with respect, that the French also had the Maginot line, and look what happened there!

Because France is many times bigger than the UK, their train stations are further apart where they can make use of the extra speed to shorten journey times - we do not have that option.

Using Mr. Harvey’s own idiom, let’s put this scheme into the bin where it so rightfully belongs, and start to put together a properly thought-out integrated transport system that’s fit for purpose and won’t cost a fortune.

John Bramham, Elmdon


A safe berth

There have been one or two letters in recent weeks criticising Mrs Spelman for not really representing constituents’ views, particularly with regard to the HS2 project. But what do we all expect, really?

She is a Cabinet Minister, therefore has to toe the party line. She is also in one of the safest seats in the country.

As long as the majority of voters in Meriden are Tory supporters then I believe she has no need to represent our views in areas of national policy. She may well help with local issues that she can influence, but I certainly don’t expect her to try and change Tory policy, regardless of whether the majority of her constituents would like her to.

Steve Hall, Via e-mail



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