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Sense, please

Over the last few weeks I have read with interest the letters coming in concerning the opening of two potential supermarkets in Knowle and Dorridge.

Over the last few weeks I have read with interest the letters coming in concerning the opening of two potential supermarkets in Knowle and Dorridge.

I have to say my biggest concern is about the local council - how and why has it got to this stage? Surely common sense would say that the roads surrounding these two villages are insufficient to cater for two large supermarkets.

Someone from the local council should have spent some time in the surrounding area on a Saturday to witness the traffic without these two large retailers, and then I doubt very much if the debate would have gone on for this long! Please could common sense prevail?

Nick Davies via e-mail



IT goes without saying that all Dorridge residents would agree Forest Court is an eyesore and a disgrace, and that there is a need for the site to be redeveloped.

The new proposals by Sainsbury’s is for a store far bigger than will be sustainable by the patronage oif the residents of Dorridge alone.

This size of store will need to attract customers from a far wider area.

As a residential community, do we want an unnecessary large increase in traffic, noise and pollution, which this will lead to.

I can see the only benefit to our community will be a large doctors surgery, which may well be needed to treat the health problems, that arise.

Where are the discussions about alternatives, say using the site for affordable housing, swimming baths, a gym, parking for the station and others.

It does not have to be all about supermarkets.

Simon Johnson, Dorridge


Cynical tactic

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed the most breathtaking hypocrisy from the Conservative Party on the Alternative Vote referendum.

David Cameron, George Osborne and William Hague among others have been peddling utter untruths about the AV voting system.

There is one reason they want to block it and deny voters more choice over who represents them as their MP - because the unfair system we have now is their only hope of governing outright after the next general election.

This cynical approach from the Tories underlines why we need to get out and vote ‘Yes’ on May 5, to make sure MPs can no longer take our votes for granted.

Councillor Tim Hodgson

Liberal Democrat, Shirley South


Flushed away

We lucky Solihull residents get two official votes in a week’s time. First we get to choose a councillor, and I hope everyone won’t automatically vote Tory.

Second we vote on a small proposed change to the voting system, that means each MP must end up with 50 per cent of voters in each constituency, or they don’t get in.

Some people say we have such a wonderful voting system we shouldn’t change it.

Like the 1951 general election, when Labour got more UK votes than the Tories, but the Tories won. Like February 1974 when the Tories got the most votes, but Labour got most seats.

Like 1979 to 1997 when the Tories were in power for 18 years but never once got 50 per cent of the UK votes cast.

Like 1997 to 2010 when Labour had power but never half of the votes cast.

In 2005 Blair got over half the Commons seats but only 35 per cent of the votes cast. - the other 65 per cent were effectively flushed down the toilet.

Why change such a great logical efficient democratic system ?

Duncan Hartley, Damsonwood, Solihull



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