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Shame on you

On Saturday evening a friend and I decided to eat out and drove to the Plough in Shirley.

On Saturday evening a friend and I decided to eat out and drove to the Plough in Shirley.

On turning into the car park from the Creynolds Lane end we were confronted by a line of males urinating against the wall next to the garden area.

It was obvious they had just got off a mini bus and decided to relieve themselves. How disgusting!

Could they have not walked just a few more yards to the toilet facilities inside the building? These people should be ashamed of themselves.

I suspect we would have been verbally abused had we said anything to them but we shouldn’t have to put up with such behaviour, our society deserves better.

Tom Lackey, Solihull Road, Shirley


Marina surge

Recent articles in your paper have revealed the proliferation of planning applications in the green belt for large-scale canal marinas. At the last count, there were four, two in Knowle, one in Lapworth and one in Lowsonford. Together, they could destroy nearly 100 acres of our green belt.

As a local resident, I have been appalled to learn the scale of British Waterways’ ambition to generate income from commercial activities that in many cases are in direct conflict with the government’s policies to protect the green belt.

There is no genuine local demand for new moorings in or around Solihull and yet BW have supported every planning application in their quest for additional income.

The real cost of this money-raising drive will be our rural heritage.

The Lapworth developers are presenting their view of why these marinas are just what the green belt needs at Lapworth Parish Council’s open meeting at Lapworth Village Hall, Old Warwick Road next Monday, November 30 at 7pm, and readers are cordially invited to attend and raise questions.

Mark Dakeyne, Sands Farm

Old Warwick Road, Lapworth


Changing times

I occasionally drop my daughter off at the Sixth Form College and am always taken aback by the congestion on Widney Manor Road outside the college around 8.30am.

Having seen letters regarding problems when the college students and primary school children use Brueton Park before and after school, I wonder whether a simple solution would be for the college to start later, say at 9.15am and finish at 4.15pm?

J Royle, Knowle


System works

I would like to respond to Mr Ken Reeves’ letter in your November 19 edition, entitled ‘Why do we bother to sort our recycling?’

He states that he saw one of our contractors empty a white recycling bag full of plastic into a residents’ wheelie bin.

I believe Mr Reeves has misunderstood the contractor’s actions: To increase operational efficiency, in some areas our contractors empty several woven sacks holding recyclable plastic into a separate wheelie bin prior to loading.

This means the collectors can move quickly along a road whilst collecting the plastics. At no point are recyclables mixed up with other household rubbish.

I would like to reassure residents that we appreciate the time and effort taken to recycle. If anyone does have a problem with their recycling collections please contact us.

Councillor Kate Wild, cabinet member for community services


Waste legacy

AFTER reading the letter ‘Refuse skivvies’ I had to reply. What a selfish and inconsiderate person.

It only takes a few minutes to wash a can, bottle or jar out while doing the washing up after a meal, and then put them in the appropriate containers.

We are recycling for the future generations. With ever increasing populations, we can’t keep throwing away tons of rubbish into landfill.

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