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Shower power brings Solihull baby into the world

David Irwin


A MUM-to-be, whose baby arrived a week early, was forced to give birth to her daughter in the bathroom of her Smith's Wood home.

Claire Knight had woken on Friday morning with stomach pains. Since the baby was not due until early next month, the 25-year-old thought it was probably a false alarm.

Nevertheless, she decided to go to hospital and went to have a shower beforehand. By this stage the pain had got alot worse and when she stepped out of the cubicle she was shocked by what she saw in the mirror.

The baby's head and arm had already emerged and moments later the rest of the body followed.

"My mother was downstairs and I was completely on my own," said Claire. "In the end I didn't need to push at all, my body did all the work. I called for my mum and by the time she arrived, I'd given birth.

"I was in shock to be honest, I was amazed it had all happened so quickly and that I'd been by myself when it did. My waters hadn't broken or anything."

Minutes later the new mum's fiance returned to the couple's home. When Danny Cox came through the front door he couldn't believe his ears when he heard the sound of a baby crying.

"I'd taken my elder daughter to my sister's house, just round the corner - I thought that was the best thing to do if we were going to go to hospital.

"It probably took five or 10 minutes, so I was amazed when I got back and Claire had already given birth. There she was with our child in her arms."

Despite the family's joy they were also a bit concerned - the baby's unbilical cord had been ripped during labour and there seemed to be a lot of blood.

"I was worried about my daughter more than anything," explained Claire. "I'd read about the problems that can happen and when my mum handed me a towel I wrapped her up inside it."

Paramedics soon arrived and mother and child were driven to Solihull Hospital. Despite Claire's concerns, her daughter was fine and incredibly the pair were discharged later the same day.

The proud parent's have called their second daughter Ellie-Louise and are hoping to have her christened, along with her sister Isabel, sometime next year.



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