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Smelly ferret

I HAVE just read in your paper that a reader has lost two ferrets on Longmore Road.

I HAVE just read in your paper that a reader has lost two ferrets on Longmore Road. We live on Longmore Road and on Thursday, October 29 we were surprised to find a visitor in our kitchen - a ferret!

The ferret was very friendly and when we eventually managed to pick it up, we placed it in a box and our son took it to the animal sanctuary on Old Warwick Road (tel no 01564 773406). The ferret was a brown/tan colour. It was quite smelly and liked to eat cat biscuits! The ferret can be collected any time from the sanctuary.

Dawn and Alan, via e-mail


Bring it on

TYPICAL Solihull reaction to a businessman who has been pro-active in the face of the worst recession for 30 years.

Well done Richard Mackay for opening the Honey Club, and shame on the Silhillian net curtain brigade who still believe Solihull to be a rural village, and not a suburb of the great ‘go ahead’ city of Birmingham that it is.

Note to those who are offended, get off your moral high horses, we are in 2009 not 1909!

Winnie the Pooh (Wannabe), via e-mail


Clean fun

IN reply to several condemning letters concerning the new lap dancing club, I would ask these people to visit one of these venues before they judge.

How would you know about the clientele or lap dancing environment if you’ve never been to one!

The club is not an eyesore but underground, with a discreet sign outside - it’s not being flaunted in your face.

I also think you may be shocked at the ‘dirty old men’ who enter the club, the majority of whom are young men and women with enough money to spend their evening in a chic establishment where far less sexual harassment and sexism goes on than in your average nightclub. . . I can assure you of this!

So why whinge about something you can not see and will never experience? Leave your opinions to yourself when you know nothing of what you are moaning about!

Rebecca, via e-mail


Do grow up

Is there no end to the hysteria over plans to operate a “lap dancing” club in Solihull?

The site is a basement at the far end of the town centre, will operate well after traditional trading hours and the owner promises there will be no advertising outside. To describe such an establishment as a brothel is both absurd and scaremongering (I do hope your correspondent “Peter, Shirley” has cheap legal representation to defend such a clear case of defamation).

It’s well past time for this town’s puritans to grow up.

Steve Green, Solihull


Invitation call

REGARDING all the hysteria whipped up by the opening of the Honey Club (Letters).

I have been a resident of Solihull for over 60 years, and it has always been a place of diverse interests and activities.

While the Honey Club may not be everyone’s cup of tea, surely it should be given the chance to prove it will not be detrimental to the area. It may well turn out to be a well run establishment, bothering no one. I await Mr McKay’s invite to look around so that I can see for myself!

Mrs Kim Ginder, via e-mail


Bin’s too small

I TOTALLY agree with the lady who wrote about the new recycling wheelie bins (Letters).

We too are a family of four struggling with the small black bin allocated to us. I have been told that I am not entitled to a larger bin as I do not qualify and I must visit the recycling centre for any additional rubbish I can not fit in my small bin.

As stated it is not ‘green’ to visit Bickenhill on a weekly basis and whilst I fully endorse the concept of recycling I feel I am already doing my bit by sorting rubbish and putting it out on the correct days, in the correct containers. I also feel that the green boxes need to be collected on a weekly basis as fortnightly is not adequate.

Ms A Fellows, via e-mail


Nappy thought

IN answer to D Burton, yes, I too support recycling. Perhaps we should go back to the good old days. I bought two dozen nappies, a bucket and Napisan.

These nappies served my two children and then made useful cleaning cloths before disintegrating five years or more later! I understand that nappies take hundreds of years to decompose. I could go on - but - just a thought!

A Rock, Blythe Way


A minority

IN reply to the letter entitled ‘An insult’. I wrote in before and I would like to apologise to you and everyone who has had this experience of the Solihull 6th Form but I feel, as do other students, that you have applied this behaviour to every student here at the 6th Form. However, I can assure you that this is a minority at the 6th Form.

Thomas Cave, via e-mail



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