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So rude

I WAS travelling back by train after a day trip to London.

I WAS travelling back by train after a day trip to London. I settled into my seat with my Reader's Digest, ruminating memories of the hectic but thoroughly enjoyable day. It was not to last long!

My long legs demanded occasional shuffling from side to side until a beaming voice from the front caught me off guard. "Can you just STOP kicking my back?" When I was convinced that it came from the grey haired 'lady' in the front seat who was staring back at me, I composed myself and started apologising profusely. Not pacified, she went on in front of other stunned passengers including the poor man sitting beside her, "You are constantly kicking my back.... can you just STOP...."

When my husband, who quietly seethed within, later asked me, "Why didn't you say, there's not enough space here for my legs," I gave my usual reply.

"If people are rude, that shows THEIR culture and upbringing, not MINE." I stubbornly refuse to sink to a level of rudeness which seems to get worse these days. People like that are simply raising their own blood pressure by snapping out unnecessarily. If it was me who was unfortunate enough to sit in front of someone with long legs, I would have turned around and said with a polite smile, "I'm so sorry, but your legs are kicking my back."

Mini Mohan, Solihull.



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