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Solihull health changes explained.

THE organisation which takes over the running of NHS services in the borough is ‘all set’ for the restructure on April 1.

THE organisation which takes over the running of NHS services in the borough is ‘all set’ for the restructure on April 1.

The message comes from Solihull’s new Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and follows concerns aired last week by the borough’s new health watchdog that they were still unclear of what the changes would mean.

The CCG is also tasked with making a key decision over the future of the borough’s walk-in centre. Changes to the way health services are run will go live from Monday, April 1.

The primary care trust has gone and instead hospitals, clinics and charities will work directly with the commissioning body, the CCG.

Dr Anand Chitnis, chair of Solihull CCG, said: “Patients may not notice much difference in their local services initially.

“They will still see their GP and use the same health and community services.

“In the longer term, we are exploring new and innovative ways of working with our partners and providers from the public sector and other organisations involved in health and social care to improve healthcare for everyone in the borough.

“We believe the people who are best placed to lead commissioning are doctors and nurses, who know what their patients need.”

The CCG’s top priorities are preventing premature death, enhancing people’s quality of life, reducing health inequalities and caring for frail patients closer to home.

Solihull is known to have large health inequalities across the borough. Dr Chitnis added: “Our aim is to give people the same opportunities to enjoy longer, healthier lives wherever they live, enable them to grow older without the fear of getting old, and ensure they receive safe, high quality and effective care delivered locally.

“To help us to achieve this, we have developed strong working relationships with Solihull Council, our neighbouring CCGs and Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Solihull, Heartlands and Good Hope Hospitals.”

l The CCG is made up of doctors, nurses and other health professionals who have joined forces to commission services for their patients.

It has a budget of over £260 million to buy and monitor services for a population of 238,000 Solihull residents.

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