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A national campaign has been launched to get everyone in Britain using the Net.

A national campaign has been launched to get everyone in Britain using the Net. Chaired by our Government appointed Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, and with partners ranging from the BBC to AgeUK, Go ON UK is looking to get every last one of us online.

Ms Fox suggests it is detrimental to be without web access these days. She writes on the Go ON UK website: ‘we will raise awareness of the benefits and work ….. to support those …. at risk of being left behind’. She has her sights trained on the 8.2 million, 13 per cent, of us who have never ever used the Net.

Her challenge, though, will be when Grandad says he has got on perfectly fine in life without the Internet for eighty years and he doesn’t need it now. Martha might have more chance of success telling Brum’s Floozie in the Jacuzzi to sit up and start Tweeting.

Also, we know how blue the air can get fighting a computer that is having a bad day. I fear for the sanity of families who find that Martha has persuaded one of their more technically challenged matriarchs to pop down to the Retail Park for a cheap PC. It could be an idea to beat Martha to it. The least painful route to getting a reluctant surfer online is to get them a good but less expensive Android smartphone, something like a Wildfire or Galaxy Mini, so tightly integrated with Google that it just works. Show them the Internet button, set up a Gmail account and let them loose on the airwaves, job done. Go ON.



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