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Sort this mess out now!

What an absolute nightmare the residents of Ralph Road must be going through with their gardens being flooded.

RE- ‘Waterlogged for Christmas’ (Solihull News, Dec 19).

What an absolute nightmare the residents of Ralph Road must be going through with their gardens being flooded.

Something should be done about this situation now! No one should have to put up with this mess year on year as they say thay have.

Regardless of who owns the land, the council should serve their ratepayers and sort the problem out as soon as possible once and for all to alleviate any unnecessary stress and health implications to the residents, or worse, not to mention further damage to their property.

Once sorted the council can then look at recouping their losses from whoever is responsible for the land where the problems lie.

I bet if this mess was in the council leader’s garden it would soon be dealt with.

R Butwell, Shirley

Time to grow up Ray

I AM writing to vent my disappointment at local man Ray Dyke. I am appalled at his recent behaviour of chaining himself to Tesco’s supermarket in protest and allowing the situation to lead to police involvement.

The fact that this protest is in revenge toward Tesco for not allowing his wife to use the toilets is absolutely ludicrous.

From his constant correspondence I read in the paper I always believed Ray to be a civilised gentleman who would not resort to such acts.

I am afraid to say that Ray has in fact resorted to acting in the manner expected of the younger generation. Surely there are better ways to sort out civil matters such as these? May I also add that these police officers have better things to do, such as catch hardened criminals, so I am saddened at the waste of police time Ray has caused with this latest act of clear immaturity.

Disgruntled, Solihull

A cracking idea

IN response to your write up about the reopening of a market in Solihull, I think it is a wonderful idea and I learn many of my friends would feel the same. I used the last one frequently and find it very frustrating that I have to travel to Birmingham to go to a market now, and what a wonderful spot the Woolworths store would be for a market.

Mrs W Palmer, Sandfield Close, Shirley

Let’s have the market

WITH reference to the idea of opening a market in the old Woolworths store. Yes, yes, yes - we were promised a market when the old one was closed so it’s about time.

I think it would also create new openings for people who have lost their jobs. We have everything in Solihull except a market - icing on the cake without a cake.

M Rudge, Brookfield Way, Olton

A popular move

I THINK Councillor Kate Wild has the right idea in thinking the Woolworths building would make a good market hall.

One is really needed to replace the one we were robbed of when Touchwood was built. I don’t go to Solihull so much now. Touchwood is great but as a pensioner I can only look longingly as the prices are too rich for me.

I agree with Mrs Betty Tanner that a market would make a very popular addition to Solihull and I’m sure we are not alone in thinking this.

So come on folks, write to your councillor and the papers. We need a market, if not in the Woolworth building then somewhere else.

Phyl Shipway, Brean Avenue, Solihull

A poor example

I HAD to take my mom to work on Tuesday, December 23 and as I was driving on Lode Lane I had to be extra careful as other drivers tried to cause accidents, but going back home I had more entertainment with the worst drivers on our roads today.

A Solihull police car driving on the Lode Lane dual carriageway overtook me doing over 40mph on a 30mph speed limit road just so it could be in front of me to drive down Hobs Moat.

It did not even indicate to get into my lane and what if schoolchildren were to cross the road? I’m not the best driver in the world, though I wouldn’t mind being a stunt driver, but to see a specially trained driver who upholds the law breaking it! Who are the ones we trust now for us to be safe?

Peter, via e-mail

Dodgy figures

I WRITE to contest the suggestion made by Lyndon parent governor, Victoria Coombes, in last week’s newspapers that the majority of parents expressed approval of trust status when consulted earlier this year.

According to Ms Coombes, 84 per cent of parents were in favour, only three per cent were opposed, and the remainder, 13 per cent, did not reply.

Ms Coombes’ remarks are, at the very least, misleading, and I wonder where she got her numbers from.

There are more than 1,200 students at Lyndon. If Ms Coombes’ percentages were correct, this would mean that more than 1,000 parents responded to the proposal.

But staff at the school know, and the local authority knows, that in fact only a few parents responded at all (possibly because, like most people, they do not know what a trust school is).

Lyndon staff are upset: they are asking for democratic and meaningful consultation. In such a climate, it is really not helpful that a governor should make such inaccurate and distorted claims.

Name and address supplied

A welcome memorial

THE heroic role of Bomber Command in defeating Nazi Germany and the supreme sacrifice made by more than 50,000 young RAF personnel is to be honoured at last by a memorial.

I trust this shamefully belated recognition will include thousands of people who toiled locally in the aircraft factories and not least, Sir Archibald Sinclair, the totally forgotten Air Minister 1940-45, in Churchill’s wartime coalition government and Liberal Party leader, 1935-45.

An early advocate of carrying the fight to the enemy, Sinclair co-ordinated the Allied bomber offensive on vital industrial centres.

He also had to bear most of the revulsion over the appalling scale of German civilian casualties and the tragic losses of British and American airmen.

A courageous pre-war anti-appeaser, he lost his parliamentary seat at the General Election in July 1945. Only one slim volume of biography has appeared. His part in achieving victory is never acknowledged.

Lionel King, Chadwick End

Cadets are shipshape

THE cadets, staff and committees of Shirley & District Sea Cadets would like to thank the visitors and shoppers to the Morrisons store in Stratford Road, Shirley on December 20 for their kind generosity in donating funds during a ‘bag-packing’ event.

In total, including the sale of ‘trolley tokens’, we raised a few pence over £1,068 after nominal expenses on the day. In addition we would like to thank Morrisons and their staff for allowing our cadets to participate in this most successful event. I hope you all have a successful and prosperous 2009.

Ken McNally, vice chairman (UMC), Shirley & District Sea Cadets

Bloomin’ angry

I SIMPLY must vent my annoyance at the female member of staff at Fleur De Lis, florist in Solihull, who on Saturday morning (Dec 20), having covered the pedestrian area outside the shop with festive wreaths and flowers for a depth of two metres or more, to encourage the public to celebrate Christmas, insisted that three young people who were playing carols ‘move on’ away from her shop!

The players had silver wind instruments (tuba etc) and were reading sheet music, a rarity in these days of street buskers. My grandchildren were transfixed and insisted that we make a donation of their pocket money. I have of course no connection with the three musicians. Congratulations to them for their skills and a very sincere ‘bah humbug’ to the owner/staff at Fleur de Lis.

‘Disgruntled’ of Solihull

Left floundering

BIRMINGHAM’S leisure chief councillor Ray Hasall is drowning us with excuses, and we’ve been given so much fluoride with our water we can’t even taste a lie.

Birmingham is the second city in England and our swimmers have to go to Swansea to use an Olympic size swimming pool, and as for local baths, most of them are falling apart.

We were told before the pension funds were plundered that people would be retiring at 50 and we would need to spend billions on leisure activities. So why did all the baths, parks, bowling greens, putting greens and municipal golf courses we had fall into such disrepair? So now the economy has had a downturn and pensioners are expected to carry on working until they are 70+, what chance have we now?

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood

To the rescue

I WISH to congratulate and thank Wiltshire Farm Food of Aldridge for coming to the rescue of a senior citizen’s emergency request for meals to carry her through this period of the year. The service attained was first class.

The elderly people who have no one to assist them in the festive period have some comfort in having food to sustain their welfare.

This festive time of the year is very lonely, so if you have a neighbour on their own, give them a thought and say seasonal greeting.

Health and happiness at Christmas and New Year.

C Mills, Coleshill Heath, Solihull

Medal thanks

MAY I express thanks to Jon Cray for his research on ‘Old Soldier’ AR Wileman, and let him know the latest on the situation. As I am a member of the family (Uncle Reg was my great uncle), having read the original article in your paper, I was immediately able to put the finder of the medal in touch with Mr and Mrs Wileman’s daughter and grandson, and plans have been made for them to meet up in the New Year.

I have no doubt the Solihull News will provide us all with suitable coverage of a happy return of a long-lost medal to ones who will certainly treasure it.

Christine Whittemore, Solihull



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