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Spending 20p

I WENT to town, Birmingham City Centre, last week. On arrival I needed to go to the toilet, only to be told by a woman that I had to pay 20p or no toilet.

I WENT to town, Birmingham City Centre, last week. On arrival I needed to go to the toilet, only to be told by a woman that I had to pay 20p or no toilet.

The toilets are in the Pallasades near to Peacocks. This woman was outside the toilets and had a bucket and said 20p or no toilet. Surely this is against the law.

I have never been so humiliated, I had to wait half an hour until I got home to go to the toilet because I did not have 20p on me. Disgrace or what! Surely there should be a toilet available free of charge.

Claire, Solihull


Give us a voice

In a recent leaflet, Maggie Throup claims her election as MP would ensure Solihull residents have a voice in Westminster (as if one was lacking). Perhaps she could first prevail upon her Tory colleagues to ensure Solihull residents have a voice within Solihull itself?

She portrays herself as an advocate for green spaces, but has remained silent during Tory councillors’ sale of large sections of Tudor Grange Park and plans to requisition Shirley Park for retail development.

Steve Green, Solihull


Unsafe in Solihull

Re your article “A Safer Solihull” (Solihull News) in which chief superintendent Carl Foulkes states “the perception of local crime and disorder does not reflect reality”.

I wonder what the reality is for the young family who live on my road is now, after their front door was kicked in on Bonfire Night and then they waited nearly three hours for the police to turn up? It has not made me or my family feel any safer.

There is talk of partnerships in the article, notably with elected councillors, who are the only people we, the electors, can hold accountable. However as far as I understand councillors are not kept fully informed about crimes or victims of crime in their ward.

Jim Williams via e-mail


Flashing lights

I LIVE in Shirley and on Friday, November 20 at around 6.45pm I was on my way back from the Northbrook surgery down Pailton Road and looking at a clear sky above me when I noticed bright flashing light .

At first I thought it was just an aeroplane but then there was no noise and these light were not moving. Whatever it was it was just stood still with a lot of flashing bright lights.

I wonder if anyone else had noticed this?

Ansab Mobeen via e-mail


Hidden agenda

Congratutations to P Thomas of Shirley in exposing the finanical banking system for its hidden charges (Letters). The latest con is cheques not being accepted by major stores. Is this the future for on line banking for many customers of certain age and do not possess computers and access to its facilities.

C Mills, Coleshill Heath, Solihull


My heroes

I was unfortunate enough to have to call the fire service out on Tuesday, November 17. I felt very silly as I had lit some tea lights on my fireplace in a large lantern which went up in flames. I had to call 999.

I could hear the fire crew coming almost instantly and when they did attend they were truly wonderful.

They were true professionals from start to finish even going as far as drying the small amount of water that was on my floor. I would like to say a huge thank you to Solihull Fire Service.

I have always objected to paying my large council tax bill, but after Tuesday I will never moan again.

Michelle Hughes via e-mail


A cheer for Emma

I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff of the Black Boy in Knowle. My family and I recently visited the pub to lunch with my daughter Emma, prior to her deployment to Afghanistan.

The staff and customers alike gave Emma a wonderful and emotional send off, which Emma said meant so much to her.

We are all looking foward to her return in May 2010, when we can pay a return visit! Thanks again everyone for your support.

Jane Dennis, Myton Drive, Solihull


Staffing the tills

Whilst I much sympathy with frustrating queues especially at lunchtime, I doubt very much if Mr Crawford did actually find six assistants ‘manning’ the tills at Boots. I think he was more likely to have found six assistants ‘staffing’ the tills.

Ian Millward.

Corley Close, Shirley



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