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Spreading justice throughout the world

PATIENCE does not mean simply accepting reality, especially if done begrudgingly.

PATIENCE does not mean simply accepting reality, especially if done begrudgingly. It is rather a condition of inner consciousness which makes the individual believe that there is a universal programme moving towards establishing justice at the right time and place.

Even though things might look bad in the short term, the general goal of existence is to spread justice and fairness across the globe.

Throughout history, the earth has seen various civilizations established while others have vanished. This is God's policy on Earth. Thus, the days of rule alternate amongst the people as the Holy Quran mentions, and some people exist to keep others in check!

One should not feel desperate when he sees that the law of God is ignored during certain stages, since divine support for the struggle against falsehood has been continuous since Almighty God created Adam.

Amongst the things, which expand the horizons of the soul and double its ability to endure hard times is the belief in the eternity of human life. A limited hardship in limited time is so abundantly compensated on the Day of Judgment that the worshipper will wish that the hardship had never been lifted.

Rather he would wish, as Prophet Muhammad said, that not even one of his prayers were answered.

One of the greatest tests of patience is the requirement to avoid sins. We cannot deny that the human soul is greatly attracted to desires, and it reaches the point where they can only be resisted through a great exertion of effort.

We see this especially in this day and age, of which none like it has occurred since God created the world - so many paths of corruption have arisen and been made easy. Sadly this is to the extent that young people, preteens, are committing things that adults in years past never even knew about.

Therefore, Almighty God has promised to reward the one who stays away from sinning, towards the end of time, fifty times more than the reward He gives to the prophets' disciples.

Dr. Issam Ghannam, MD Solihull Imam



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