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An open letter to Lorely Burt MP

An open letter to Lorely Burt MP

THE NHS is driven by the commitment and vocation of all who work in it. They recognise it as a ‘public good’ and willingly contribute their work. I am a healthcare professional living in Solihull and write to you to challenge what the coalition government is about to do with the NHS.

In common with 320 other MPs you voted in support of the Health and Social Care Bill. I doubt you analysed almost 400 pages of densely worded document.Were you convinced by the argument that GPs would be in the driving seat? That wasn’t at the heart of this Bill.

The heart of the Bill is to promote liberation of the NHS, code for marketisation of healthcare. NHS services will now be provided by ‘any willing provider’ or AWP.

AWP means competition on price and the bureaucracy of competitive tendering. Profit will be the motivation. AWP will dictate GP care, mental health care, cancer care, elderly care; any NHS care. Does this mean eye surgery from Turkey and mental health care from the Brazil? It just might.

The NHS can be made more efficient. Yet almost every professional organisation, academic and union points to research evidence demonstrating the NHS is already one of the most efficient health care delivery systems in the world.

The NHS of the future will be providing the supermarket basics range of healthcare. It will be free at the point of delivery, but if you want the premium brand you might have to pay more. The healthcare we as individuals can afford to use in future will make us a more unequal society.

You will realise that, as a healthcare employee, I am unwilling to identify myself directly.

Name and address supplied


New experience

SO often we can be critical of the services of Solihull Council but there is a time to say “Well done - we appreciate you” and I believe this is such a time.

My neighbour and I were chatting and shared our delight and appreciation for the help that is being offered when taking items to the Bickenhill Waste Disposal.

To be approached and asked “Can we help?” is a new experience and a delight. “Well done, and thank you”.

Chris Tayler, via email


Waiting begins

WE have just managed to fill two fairly large bins with leaves, prunings and trimmings along with some weeds. Judging by the state of the lawn, grass cuttings will soon follow.

This green garden waste is from a fairly small garden in mid-February. Then, can anyone explain to me why the Solihull MBC green garden waste collection service does not start again until April, 2011?

John Hart via e-mai


On a knife edge

SINCE the recent Government legislation giving responsibility for housing development to local authorities. Our parish council carried out a community survey to ascertain the views of residents regarding future development in Marston Green.

Hundreds responded in the hope that they would have some say in the type of development which could be reasonably absorbed. The survey results, it would appear, have been totally disregarded. A planning application is under way for 125 houses on the Moat House Farm site, an historic ridge and furrow farming site.

Marston Green is on a knife-edge. Traffic and parking - serious problems. Schools - full, doctors surgery - full.

We are preparing to fight this application, working as a community. Marston Green is a good place to live and we will do all we can to safeguard it, not just for the present, but for the future generations.

Pat Preece, Blackfirs Lane, Marston Green


Future is forward

I STILL read with some embarrassment from the doom mongers for HS2, I wish it great success, firstly so it can transport all those opposed to it swiftly and luxuriously back to the dark ages so they can potter about on their horse and cart. Secondly so the rest of us can move on into the future.

When our diesel has run dry, these very same people will be begging for alternatives. We should feel proud, as our industrial heroes of the past surely were, that we can undertake projects such as this.

Paul Haynes via e-mail


The Gap is safe

IT is utterly incredulous for Councillor Richard Lloyd of Berkswell Parish Council to claim (Letters) that the High Speed line “would be the end of the Meriden Gap”! Just how desperate are the protesters to invent such an absurd contention?

If anything has impaired the Meriden countryside it is the flyovers, bypasses, and dualing of the A45 and A452 with their perpetual traffic flows. A simple two-track railway with occasional electric trains cannot in any way be compared to the incessant thunderous traffic along these main roads and of the even more intrusive M6 and M42.

Meriden Rambler



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