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Stop Lorely!

I WAS wondering if anybody else was feeling bombarded, as I do, with the current information - no pictures and promotion of Lorely Burt - flooding our letterboxes.

I WAS wondering if anybody else was feeling bombarded, as I do, with the current information - no pictures and promotion of Lorely Burt - flooding our letterboxes. I have no problem with the Liberal Democrats and all they stand for, however please stop this nonsense.

In December a glossy magazine arrived telling us all about Lorely Burt - yes I didn’t even notice the political party - just posing for photo after photo. Then to my horror a Christmas card with a ‘personal’ letter to me discussing areas of Lorely’s life I will never have any interest in. This I feel is totally against the spirit of Christmas. This week an A3 size newpaper arrives all but one of the sides carrying a picture of lovely Lorely.

Next, hallelujah a Liberal Democrat Leaflet from Nick Clegg - oh no - published and promoted by L Burt. Finally today I received another A4 full colour leaflet featuring in every available space, yes you have guessed it - the lovely Lorely.

This was very special however, it asked if I would like to deliver some of these leaflets or make a donation - presumably to pay for some of these leaflets. Please may I implore readers not to help my letterbox is now wearing a mask to disguise itself. I am beginning to look in the mirror and see Lorely - OMG helpppppp!




End of an era

SELLING Cadburys is tantamount to selling Buckingham Palace. This isn’t about a job, it’s about an institution.

Cadburys was more than a sweet factory, it was an industrial utopia, where the workers had a place that was recognised and rewarded. This industrial giant grew from a little shop to a world recognised brand, made by the hands of the workers from Birmingham, and like so many things that came from this great city, it was a product of quality.

S T Vaughan

Glastonbury Road,

Yardley Wood


Unit disgrace

SOLIHULLS maternity services are about to expire.

The Chief Exec ‘spouts’ patient safety but I suspect he had other motives, maybe financial ones? More lucrative use of beds?

A stand alone maternity unit is not the right thing for Solihull. It could only accommodate a small number of women and could have no on-site support services. Any problems arising in labour would be handled as if the woman was at home and this means calling a 999 ambulance and waiting and waiting (remember ambulance services have been out too!)

And then, where could this woman go? Heartlands? Good Hope? This could take a very long time and with what consequences? Would there be an empty bed?

What plans are in place to accommodate the women (almost 3,000 of them) already pregnant and supposed to be having their baby at Solihull?

Will they be sent to the already overstretched Heartlands Hospital or to the distant Good Hope?

And when will they be told where they’re going to have to go? When they’re in labour?

This is disgraceful, Mr Goldman. Solihulls maternity services need to be upgraded to include paediatric services, then there would be no question that the service didn’t meet the required standards.

Stand up for your rights, people of Solihull. You may not be using these threatened services but what will it be next? It could be something that affects you. Lets continue to have our babies delivered in Solihull, in safety.

A worried Grandma


NHS shame

I AM not surprised that Caroline Spelman tried to gloss over the Tory record on the NHS last week in response to Ed Williams’s letter, as it is a poor record to defend. The Tories opposed the creation of the NHS by Labour and grossly underfunded it when last in government.

Local residents in Solihull have benefited from Labour’s NHS investment through extra doctors and nurses and new facilities like the Primary care centre in Chelmsley Wood and new Walk in Centre in Lode Lane. These measures have cut waiting times for treatment drastically in recent years and provided far better services for patients.

Mrs Spelman wants “professionals in charge of delivering patient care” yet her party locally is opposing moves by professionals to change local maternity provision - she can’t have it both ways.

The forthcoming election gives the electorate clear choices on our health service. Mr Cameron may have warm words for the NHS, repeated by Mrs Spelman last week, but voters should judge the Conservatives on their previous record of lack of funding and under-investment which led to a shabby service and has taken years to put right.

Nick Stephens

Seven Star Road, Solihull



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