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Stop whining

ALL change is not progress, but in the case of HS2 it certainly is.

ALL change is not progress, but in the case of HS2 it certainly is. The UK is one of the richest countries in the world and it is plain embarrassing that we lag so far behind other countries when it comes to rail transport.

Surely we can all agree that we need to stop using cars and planes so much? HS2 is a clear instance of something for the greater good of most of us which inconveniences and interferes in a small way with the dreams of exclusivity of the few out in the wealthier rural areas.

We who live in the city have to put up with enough of the problems of the 21st century on our doorsteps, thank you very much, so let’s hear less of the whinging from the comfortably-off and share the load of improving the quality of life for us all!

Martin Blamire, Hall Green


Policy U-turn

It would appear that our Lib Dem / Conservative Government have yet again been caught out by their new Localism Bill. This time it is their plans for local housing. Government Ministers pledged to allow local authorities to keep the money raised from rent and sales to invest in new builds and improving existing housing stocks.

However it would appear that under new rules, Solihull Council along with every other in the UK would still be made to give 75 per cent of the money they raised from the sale of council houses to Government.

It is about time that our council has financial independence to manage its own social housing.

Neill Watts, Samra – Parliamentary spokesman for Solihull constituency


Other options

REGARDING Dorridge Sainsbury’s: It would be interesting to hear from the people who are still opposed to the Sainsbury’s Development for Dorridge what their alternative is and how would it be financially viable?

Trish Taverner via e-mail


A raspberry

I WAS pleased to read that MP Caroline Spelman enjoyed The King’s Speech (News, February 18). In her column, she praised the great output of the British film industry and attacked the last Labour government for ending the film industry’s tax incentive.

Unfortunately, she omits to mention that The King’s Speech was only able to be made thanks to help from the British Film Council - an organisation which her government is about to axe. Oops.

A Huntley, via email


Not our views

SO our esteemed MP Lorely Burt was one of a handful who voted in favour of giving prisoners’ the vote. Before the General Election, she attended a parliamentary candidates Question Time hosted by Shirley Residents’ Association.

I am doubtful if that particular audience would have agreed with Ms Burt over prisoners’ votes.

Whilst not specifically addressing the question, the audience was very clear in its disapproval of many aspects of ‘the Human Rights Act’ and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

I can only assume she followed some personal motivation over her stand when MPs voted – she surely didn’t represent the views of anyone I have talked to.

It makes me sick to think of the way our country is now virtually ruled by so many foreigners with no inkling of our British way-of-life or values. Ms Burt – please may I have my country back?

M Street, Shirley


Out of touch

READING that Solihull’s Lib Dem MP voted for prisoners to have the right to vote (Solihull News) was very disappointing and shows just how out of touch she is with the public. As soon as anyone is convicted of violating innocent people’s human rights, they should be denied any human rights until their time has been served.

Maggie Throup via e-mail


Well done David

I AM not a supporter of the Tory Party, but on the issue of forests I have to admire David Cameron for admitting that they had got it wrong. What a pity our Labour government hadn’t listened to the people over closing our post offices, I might not like Tory policies but at least they proved they are listening to the voice of the people.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood


So grateful

ON February 8 I left my handbag in the foyer at Solihull Library. This was handed in and I should like to extend my very grateful thanks to whoever handed it in.

Mrs A Edwards, Sheldon



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