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Strange thefts at Tudor Grange

SOLIHULL's new state-of-the art leisure centre has been hit by a spate of locker thefts .

SOLIHULL's new state-of-the art leisure centre has been hit by a spate of locker thefts .

Len Leung and his family were the latest victims of the thefts at the centre - which cost his sister-in-law over £2,000.

For Len, a visit to the state-ofthe-art swimming baths was supposed to impress his sister-inlaw, Sade Psang, who was visiting from Hong Kong.

But, it turned out to be quite the opposite as they returned to their locker after a family swim to find 34,000 Hong Kong dollars (£2,200) and Sade's passport missing.

Amazingly the locker was still locked which has led 43-year-old Len to believe that someone used a 'masterkey' to gain access into their belongings.

"This was a professional job, someone must have used a spare key.

"Unfortunately we were the victims this time, but the public need to know that these lockers are not safe," said Len.

Further misery has been inflicted on the family as they have had huge trouble in their attempt to get a new passport for Sade.

"The staff didn't help at Tudor Grange, and the police couldn't help with any of the documentation that I need to get my sister-in-law a new passport" said Len.

"The only help I got was from the Citizens Advice Bureau."

The dental surgeon said that he was 'exhausted' after endless phone calls and was left devastated when they found out the standard crime number issued from the police, is not enough for Sade to claim on the insurance when she gets back to Hong Kong.

He said that she was shocked and upset that her first trip to Solihull in over five years has ended like this.

"I am not the main sufferer, it is my sister-in-law, who is very upset."

Len believed his brand new £50,000 Porsche could have been stolen too, if his wife wasn't around to look after his keys.

The duty manager at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre refused to comment on the situation and general manager Austin Gordon could not be contacted as the Solihull News went to press.

Police have confirmed incidents of 13 locker thefts at the leisure centre in the last six months.

Anyone with information on the locker theft can call Solihull police on 0845 1135000. ..SUPL:



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