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Stuck in the car

I AM a wannabe green traveller who is being forced to continue driving because of the prohibitive costs of public transport.

I AM a wannabe green traveller who is being forced to continue driving because of the prohibitive costs of public transport.

I live in Damsonwood and work in Coventry city centre. Currently I spend £45 a month on petrol and spend 20-30 mins each way in the car. The bus service from Damsonwood to Birmingham international train station (No 966) and likewise the train service to Coventry is fantastic.

From door to door, if I time it right, I can do it in 35 minutes. As a result I decided that I wanted to move onto public transport to become more environmentally friendly.

However, that is where it ends. A train pass to Coventry is £44 a month, which is okay given that it is 10 miles. However, the bus pass, for the two miles to the train station, is £48 a month. Any good at maths? – yes it would cost me getting on for £50 more per month to use public transport!

Even taking account of wear and tear on the car it would still leave me worse off. Travel West Midlands are not interested in my query – are any of you? I even thought about using the bus all the way to Coventry (966 and 900) but it would take well over an hour. Oh well I guess I shall keep on polluting and clogging up the roads.

Jacqui from Damsonwood Solihull


Ward of mouth

I AM writing as I need to make my position clear regarding the letter published in the Solihull News two weeks ago about the Parkgate development in Shirley.

This letter was sent in my capacity as the Ward Councillor for Shirley South, representing my residents’ views.

I should not have sent the letter in my capacity as deputy leader of the council.

There have not been any decisions made that change the position of the council in this matter.

Councillor Tim Hodgson, Shirley South


Site gamble

REGARDING a casino on the Dave and Buster site, Monkspath.

It does not take a genius to realise how unsuitable the proposed site is. The increase in traffic in this area is already a problem, due to the M42 and the building of commercial properties by the proposed site.

So far at least three companies, including Dave and Busters, have found the site and area unable to sustain profitability.

Surely any council with vision can see that the NEC with its existing facilities and its road, road and air links is by far the more suitable of the two sites. Do not forget the closeness of the local schools.

On a more personal note I would hate to see local property values drop by 20 per cent as they did with the opening of Dave and Busters.The site would be ideal for starter homes for young couples wishing to stay in Solihull.

G Griffiths

Shilton Close, Shirley


Sorry, we’re full

RECENT Government legislation has given responsibility for housing development to local authorities, involving residents in having a say about future local developments.

Local decisions for local people. Solihull planners show a total disregard for the needs of residents of Marston Green and Chelmsley Wood, North Solihull and appear to be, as ever, operating a North-South divide.

All currently proposed housing development is aimed at Marston Green, adding almost 300 houses to a village which is already on serious overload. I find this irresponsible, this shows a lack of ‘duty of care’ not only towards the people already living in Marston Green but to future generations.

Come on Solihull planners, lets see some fairness and common sense.

Pat Preece

Blackfirs Lane, Marston Green


A rank pain

WHEN I visited Solihull Hospital recently, to hand in a letter to a consultant, which took me exactly 20 minutes, but I was left to pay a full parking fee, simply because the majority of places to park in Grove Road and lower part of School Lane are throughout the day occupied by taxis awaiting calls.

Maybe they have a right to park wherever they can but if they parked in authorised taxi ranks they no doubt would have to pay fees, so as it is they have a taxi rank for free, but do not give fair play to other motorists.

J Western, address supplied


Not on the ballot

WITH regard to Mr Steve Hall’s letter in the Solihull News of October 1 on the 1975 Referendum for the Common Market. It was a trading agreement. We did not vote for the European Union with its MEPs with good salaries and pensions, which we are now paying for in unnecessary taxes.

Mr Ted Heath admitted he’d lied to the electorate.

Mrs Hilary Haddleton, Park Avenue, Solihull


Most would leave

I FEEL compelled to correct Steve Hall (Letters) who proclaims all those that call for a referendum on our continued membership of the EU should get real.

We did not vote on our membership in 1975, but one on a common market, a free trading bloc, something that I would be more than happy to go back too and vote for tomorrow, but this relationship is no longer existent.

The EU has evolved by consecutive treaties and is now a political state. We did not vote for loss of sovereignty, give permission to the EU creating 75 per cent of our laws, a £48 million a day membership fee, nor to become citizens of the union in 1992.

A new YouGov poll shows a clear majority of British people would choose to leave the European Union in such a vote and in every part of the country there is a majority for leaving.

Josh O’Nyons - Monkspath


Lovely evening

MY husband and I attended the 450th anniversary concert at Solihull School on Tuesday, October 5. The organ recital given by Thomas Trotter and the singing by the Solihull School Chapel Choir was fantastic. Well done to all who took part.

Thank you for a lovely evening

Yvonne Baugh, Robin Hood Croft

Hall Green


Carry on filming

IF IT hadn’t been for a CCTV camera, the inhumane ‘woman’ who put the cat in the bin would not have been caught.

The ongoing arguments about these cameras has dominated the news on local radio stations for months.

With cuts expected in the police departments and lack of policemen on the beat, I believe we should have lots more cameras not less, to catch criminals, terrorists and any other undesirables.

It wouldn’t bother me if one was erected over my front door, after all if you have nothing to hide why all the fuss.

J Greves

Stonor Road, Hall Green


Normandy success

THE Normandy Veterans Association street collection on August 7, 2010 raised £1,290 thank you Solihull.

Treasurer E A Keen

Normandy Veterans Association



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