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Take a taxi

In reply to Dr Youssef about the planned Coptic Church in Caldwell Grove.

In reply to Dr Youssef about the planned Coptic Church in Caldwell Grove. You say that it is difficult to reach Hampton in Arden by public transport but there are both bus and rail links within walking distance of your church, also that 90 per cent of the congregation are doctors etc, maybe it’s just me but dozens of doctors on the bus? Surely they can afford the cost of sharing a taxi?

Concerned resident


Revise the plan

I was rather surprised at the tone of the letter from Dr F Youssef relating to the withdrawn plans for a Coptic Orthodox Christian Church.

There would seem to be an implication of perceived persecution and that site vandalism is the result of bad feelings towards his Church.

Objections against the redevelopment are not on religious grounds but mainly on anxiety over parking arrangements and the sheer size of the structure which is completely out of context.

If the submitted revised plans are more in keeping with the existing street scene then Dr. Youssef will possibly find that he is living in a more democratic and tolerant society than he gives us credit for.

David Hudson via e-mail


On the fence

ON tuition fees, the first test of our re-elected MP, Lorely Burt has demonstrated that she is far more interested in her own political career than those families she purports to represent – her constituents.

How can Ms Burt now be trusted on anything she says given that she chose to abstain from voting on the increase of student fees despite banging on about being totally against any rises during her General Election campaign?

We need a strong presence in parliament and not one that sits on the fence when the going gets tough.

I thought that Ms Burt was elected to represent the people of Solihull, not herself and her family.

John Ison, Chairman – UKIP Solihull


Scottish card

WHATEVER the views on tuition fees it is clear that Solihull students like all English students are being unfairly treated by the new system.

As an added insult to Solihull parents it is their taxes that will also subsidise students in Scotland and Wales.

Many far from rich parents will actually pay the fees while interest will be charged at 3 per cent over bank base rate and be repayable for up to 30 years alongside mortgage and the normal costs of raising a family.

We recognise the need for change in funding higher education but this increase from £3,000 to up to £9,000 in a single year is so unreasonable the student protests will continue and like the poll tax Parliament has responded in the past to public opinion and can and will change unpopular legislation. As our MPs well know.

Trevor Eames, Solihull & Meriden Residents Association (Samra)


It’s essential

FOR once I would quite agree with the ‘Fantasy Land’ headline for the letter December 10 from Mr Lloyd.

The momentary passage of HS2 trains via the Blythe Valley will be barely noticeable to residents given that the trains will not be powered by jet or diesel engines and unlike the noise from the flight path or M42 the prevailing south-west winds will easily dissipate the very brief and gentle ‘woosh’ of the trains in the vicinity of Patrick bridge eastwards towards Stonebridge.

Mr Lloyd’s reliance on a 2.4 per cent growth in rail patronage is disingenious in relation to the well known 40 per cent increase in rail travel over the last decade. HS2 is essential to address this on-going demand.

The West Coast Main Line will be full and overloaded in 5-10 years hence the dire need for a new fast railway to allow a far better level of local & regional services along the Coventry - Birmingham line.

A Bevan, Morris Field Croft, Hall Green



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