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THIS season what’s on everyone’s lips? Who cares…it’s all about the brows.

THIS season what’s on everyone’s lips? Who cares…it’s all about the brows. The beauty accessory of the season is definitely upwardly mobile!

Eyebrows are the new eyelids; be it bushy, brightened, bleached or brushed, where better to go to get hottest ‘Now Brows’ than the ‘EYEWOW’ experts at Benito Brow Bar.

If the face is the canvas, the eyebrows are the frames and they are taking centre stage this season.

“Brows can make or break your look and after years of plucking them to oblivion the trend is definitely for fuller, natural and groomed shapes that you can show off to their advantage,” says Pally Pagliuca, founder of Benito Brow Bar.

Whatever look you want to achieve, Benito’s brow and lash services will start you off by ensuring you have the perfect shaped brows – from there have some fun and create the striking looks seen on this season’s catwalks.

Colour Them In

The catwalks were awash with coloured brows and although somewhat edgy, it is a really quick, fresh approach to colour for the new season, as it is so much easier than applying shadow. This look works well if you have long, thin, brows.

Lighten the brows with concealer or have them professionally lightened/peroxide.

Try a skin flattering tone such as orange or yellow and keep skin fresh and lashes full keeping the look playful. Team with a lurid pink lip colour.

Gloss Them Over

The glossy black brow is another key trend that may look scary and theatrical however it is a great way to amp up naturally thin brows and add a bit of drama. Drop in for an eyebrow tint darken and then gloss with a brow gel or swipe of your mascara wand. Team with a set of WOW lashes (from £45) and a slick of liquid liner to add a little femme fatale to your look.

Try this if you have naturally thin brows and like a dramatic edge to your makeup.

The trick is in the glossiness that luxes this dark brow up – try wiping your wet mascara wand over the finished brow.

Wear it with a punky purple ‘50s lip and slick of graphic black eyeliner.

Smoke Them Out

Chanel’s very wearable and beautiful take on this trend shows how it gives the face a very modern and sultry alternative to the ‘no-brow look’. By pulling the colour right up on to the brow it gives the eyes depth, makes them look bigger and more open - the uniformity of the look adds sophistication.

Keep the shadow iridescent and work upwards from the lash line but don’t go above the brow. As always, with a smoky eye, nude lips are de rigour to keep things modern.

Toughen Them Up

Strong defined brows and arch puts you in the power play. This is not about colour but shape and showing off your full Wow Brows. Like putting on a tailored leather jacket and some towering heels and the kick that gives you! The strength comes from the intensity, not the colour, which is why it is so flattering – its about building it up in layers of wearable neutral shades.

Try this if grooming is your middle name and you’re the proud owner of a full brow.

The trick is to build the strength from the bottom of the brow upwards. Go one shade lighter than your natural hair colour.

Wear it with a shot of tan and sculpted bronze cheeks. Throw in an unexpected lip or nail colour for impact.

At Benito Brow Bar they say it’s your attitude that produces and carries your individual style and if it feels great then wear it! Excited about it then go for it! Above all, take ownership over your decisions and BBB will guide you and care for your fabulous eyelashes and brows helping you achieve whatever look you want to achieve.

Benito Brow Bar has pioneered the ‘Back to the WOW Brow’, which helps you manage the re-growth of your brows. It is a bespoke service that involves tinting and threading to eliminate strays and give back brows the WOW in approx six weeks.

Benito Brow Bars can be found in Touchwood, Selfridges and House of Fraser and Debenhams stores. For your nearest walk-in Brow Bar visit:



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