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Ten October tips for Solihull gardeners

Rake leaves from lawns as they fall, to prevent the grass going yellow.

RAKE leaves from lawns as they fall, to prevent the grass going yellow. The lawn will eventually die if a thick layer of leaves is allowed to build up.

Continue to plant Spring-flowering bulbs at three times the depth of the bulb, in well prepared soil. Remember to plant up some containers of Daffodils and Tulips as well for spot colour around the garden and to place near the house.

Tidy pond plants that have died back, by removing them from the pond and stripping off dead leaves. This will prevent a build up of debris in the bottom of the pond. Divide plants that have outgrown their baskets or pot on into larger ones if you have space.

Clear the last of the Summer crops from the allotment and begin to dig over any vacant ground in preparation for next Spring. Keep an eye out for any late caterpillars and remove them from your Winter greens.

Sow broad beans such as Aquadulce or another Autumn variety for an earlier crop next Summer. Garlic can also be planted outside now or over-wintered in modules in a coldframe, if there is no room.

Cut back perennials as they finish flowering and weed through your borders before adding a mulch of well-rotted garden compost around the crowns of plants.

Prune fast-growing shrubs such as Buddleja and bush roses that have finished flowering back by one-third to reduce wind rock through the Winter. Final pruning can be carried out next Spring before the plants begin to grow away again.

Visit your local garden centre and purchase some horticultural fleece to cover up any tender evergreens that will stay in the ground over Winter. This can be done as soon as any cold weather is forecast.

Clean out your greenhouse and check that your heater is working properly, if you are using the space to protect tender plants in containers.

Lift Dahlia tubers, dry them off and store in a frost free place over the Winter. Remember to label each variety with the name and colour so that there are no accidents in next years planting schemes.



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