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Ten out of ten

CONGRATULATIONS to our new Coalition Government that has signed up to 10.10 in its first week.

CONGRATULATIONS to our new Coalition Government that has signed up to 10.10 in its first week.

This is a grass roots organisation committing yourself/organisation to reducing their carbon footprint by 10 per cent in 2010.

This will make quite an impact to our carbon footprint, and get more people thinking about ways to reduce theirs.

Things are looking up - and green!

Carol Linfield

Solihull Friends of the Earth


Well done

ALONG with many other people we are delighted to hear the news of Caroline Spelman’s appointment to Defra and look forward to some serious long awaited progress in that department.

Terry Fogarty via e-mail


Bought off

Lorely Burt defends the coalition from a retrospective position, but ask the question how many Lib Dem voters would have voted for them had they declared their intention prior to the election?

The Tories have bought the LibDems with seats in the cabinet and minor ministerial jobs, the reality is that the partnership is a betrayal of its voters, with the fixed term clause an affront to our democratic process, and the all handwringing justifications by this coalition are just too nauseating to watch.

No Lorely, your party has sold its principles for 20 pieces and never again will they ever be able to stand on the high moral ground.

ST Vaughan

Glastonbury Road

Yardley Wood


Fair for all

REGARDING HS2, I can assure Councillor Richard Lloyd that I live on the Earth (Letters).

He seems to have missed the point that I was making; that the parliamentary system we have is representative.

There are people who live in the community who support projects like the high speed rail link and such views are also represented by politicians and councils. It’s called democracy.

His campaigning would be put to better use in trying to get a fairer deal for those affected by progress and not trying to preserve a little bit of it for himself.

Name and Address Supplied.


On reflection....

IN a few days I will reach 80 and would like to share the following poem which has been sent to me, with other octogenarians we, the young ‘Oldies...’

80 Not Out

Today dear Lord, I’m 80 and there’s so much I haven’t done,

I hope dear Lord you’ll let me live till I’m 81.

But then, if I haven’t finished all I want to do

Would you let me stay awhile until I’m 82?

So many places that I want to go - so much to see,

Do you think you could manage to make it 83?

The world is changing fast; there is so much in store,

I’d like it very much to live until I’m 84.

And if by then I’m still alive, I’d like to stay until I’m 85,

More planes will go up in the air; so I’d really like to stick

And see what happens to the world when I am 86.

I know dear Lord, it’s much to ask (It must be nice in heaven)

But, I would really like to stay until I’m 87.

I know by then I won’t be fast and sometimes I’ll be late,

But it would be pleasant to be around at 88.

I will have seen so many things,

And had a wonderful time.

So I’m sure that I’ll be willing to leave at 89. Maybe!!

Bel McDonald

Baxters Road, Shirley



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