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Thanks Lads

I WOULD like to thank the two young men who came to help me when my car broke down opposite Robin Hood cemetery late afternoon on Friday, November 6.

I WOULD like to thank the two young men who came to help me when my car broke down opposite Robin Hood cemetery late afternoon on Friday, November 6. I hope you didn’t get too wet. Thanks a lot boys.

Mrs J D Scott

Coton Grove, Shirley


Hanging on

PATIENTS referred to a specialist must now make their own appointments by telephone through a central office. A very frustrating experience especially those worried and sick. It took me 40 minutes.

Front line hospital staff bearing patient dissatisfaction said I was lucky. Many just give up trying to get an appointment.

It’s suggested the reason for the new system is to reduce the government waiting time target to see a specialist.

If you can’t get an appointment you can’t be added to the waiting list.

R Sayer, Shirley


A true gent

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the landlord of the Black Boy in Knowle for the kind assistance he showed to my disabled husband and myself and friends, one of whom had a broken arm on Friday, November 13.

It was pouring with rain at 5pm when we were leaving after having a most enjoyable lunch - he took us to our car with a huge umbrella and made sure we were safely inside - courtesy can still be found in Solihull. We will certainly be going back.

June Perry, Windsor Road

Castle Bromwich


Defence first

THERE is now less than six months to the General Election. And our three parties will be fighting for your votes.

Yet nowhere, I venture to predict, will any mention ever be made of the most vital matter affecting our continued existence: The defence of the realm.

Just over 70 years ago, at my school, the sixth form was divided into four, and over half the 200 or so pupils were in the services sixth.

Over half of them were within two years of the war starting, paying with their blood, for the inadequacies of our defence equipment.

So please Mr Editor, even if our politicians concentrate upon the immaterial (which is what they will be if we lose the next war!) do not lose sight of the most vital issue facing our nation: Its defence.

R Drew, Harvington Drive, Shirley


Charity shocker

THE other day I was waiting at Meriden bus stop with about eight other people and saw the Lifeboat bag for collection at a house opposite the bus stop.

A gentleman at the bus stop walked over picked up the bag and brought it over to the stop sat on the kerb and went through the bag showing his wife or girlfriend the clothing.

She stood there laughing. The bus came and he took it with him. Everyone was aghast and we all boarded amazed.

The family who donated to this charity never knew their kindness did not reach its destination. It was a despicable act.

A Meriden resident


White van boy

ON November 6 I put two bags of good quality clothing on my front porch, when a white van drove up and a young boy in a sweatshirt, with hood on his head, came to pick up my bag. I asked him if he was from the Lifeboat Charity, he only said ‘ha’ and ran off with the bags to the white van and they drove off. Now I will not put a charity bag in my front porch anymore. If I have clothing for charity now I will use the number on the bag and tell them to ring my bell for collecting.

Mrs I Heinz, Northwick Crescent, Solihull


Fake ID fear

I PUT a bag of clothes out last week and a man in a white van collected it.

He showed an ID but it was in his inside pocket, and it is easy to get a fake one.

The van has no name on it. He didn’t even say thanks but hurried away. I wish now I had taken the van registration number. He had a young man in the passenger seat who I wouldn’t have thought was needed.

Name and address supplied


Service thanks

CAN I say thank you to Pat and Julie who saved me from falling when I collapsed at the memorial service in Shirley, also everyone in the ladies section who were there for me. The solider and man in the yellow jacket who helped Pat and Julie take me across the road into the ‘Plane’. The police, the two Red Cross first aiders, the staff, the fast response paramedic who took care of me.

A big thank you to you all.

Betty Lukins, School Road, Solihull



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