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The rail issues

IT’S encouraging to see the High Speed 2 railway proposal has become a regular topic in your letters page.

IT’S encouraging to see the High Speed 2 railway proposal has become a regular topic in your letters page. Everyone needs to be aware of the pros and cons, so the balanced view put forward by the chairman of the Hampton-in-Arden Society (Letters) is welcome.

By the time these words are read, we’ll have held the first meeting of an Action Group to represent concerned residents of Solihull Borough. The founders are not against High Speed Rail in principle: our argument is with the badly thought-out HS2 scheme. We will be delighted to have a representative of the Hampton-in-Arden Society on the group’s committee, when they’ve decided their policy.

Residents of the village should recognise that two of the six tracks in the new interchange station will be for non-stop trains serving Manchester and beyond. The lines will be on a viaduct, unlike the deep cutting of the current line, with a train every two minutes. With regard to road traffic, the growth foreseen by the promoters can only be achieved by pulling in customers from a wide area, and not many of them will be hardy enough to walk or cycle with heavy luggage - even the two miles from Hampton.

It’s encouraging the new government is re-examining some of the obvious defects. The current scheme has no link to the Channel Tunnel, nor does it go to Heathrow, and the spur line into Birmingham is already mired in cost and planning issues.

But the £100 billion question remains - is a rail network running at twice the current speed, between a handful of business centres, the best way to meet the nation’s transport needs?

Future generations may not thank us for doubling carbon emissions and laying waste to a swathe of countryside, twice the width of a motorway, all for the convenience of a small minority.

Councillor Richard Lloyd

Balsall Common


Two tales

I AM puzzled - In the Solihull News (June 24) Solihull and Meriden Residents Association and I are berated by Graham Juniper - chair Hampton-in-Arden Society about our reservations on the High speed rail link (HS2).

According to Mr Juniper residents of Hampton could expect a house price boom and will be happy they can walk or cycle to their station to catch the fast HS2 to London, Heathrow and the continent.

But in another Solihull paper he states the Meriden Gap looks as if it will have to give up a huge acreage in building a massive new station at Birmingham International and a large amount of green space for the new track for HS2.

This does not make sense to me!

Josie Herbert Chair SAMRA


Don’t patronise

I WAS absolutely incensed to read Tim Hodgson’s patronising letter in the June 18 edition regarding the local refuse collections.

I have been recycling long before Solihull Council introduced their scheme of various coloured boxes and ludicrous rules. As a result my wheelie bin is usually only a third full by collection day (and my recycling boxes overflowing).

However following some extensive home improvements (and despite several trips to the local tip) I was left with an extra bag of unrecyclable, but nonetheless ‘household’, rubbish.

I wasn’t particularly surprised that it wasn’t collected, but the suggestion that the refuse collectors will have made a note of my address (to schedule a return visit to make sure it has been removed - it has!) and that we may have a visit to offer help and advice on reducing waste is laughable.

Solihull Council’s stance appears to make no allowances for those of us with the best of intentions who occasionally, due to unusual circumstances may have additional rubbish.

I pay £117 per month council tax and quite frankly at that price I think I deserve a better service.

Lisa Greaves via e-mail



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