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They’re all right

I begin to wonder - do our Front Bench of millionaires know what goes on in the real world?

I begin to wonder - do our Front Bench of millionaires know what goes on in the real world?

Do they really want to address the economic polarisation of this country or check the incentives of bankers that caused the last crash ?

No, not on your life!

It appears they are still protecting the banks and turning a blind eye.

They are ready to risk the whole economy to aid their rich friends get even richer.

Buying up forests - protecting off-shore tax havens for example.

Like ordinary people do they have worries about their family finances? Do they have any worry about redundancy for themselves or their offspring? The taxpayer is paying their salaries !!

David Cameron stated that he wanted our localities to take decisions (Was this tongue in cheek?)

Samra ( Solihull and Meriden Residents Assoc.) has taken up his challenge in this locality .

It is now up to people through the ballot box .

Josie Herbert. Chair Samra


What a shower

MPs are in uproar over their one per cent pay rise, so while other public servants get nothing, our MPs believe they are worth more money.

Most MPs are on at least £100k a year without their perks from moonlighting, public appearances and newspaper columns, so a one per cent rise is equal to £20 a week, or should we say 66 per cent of the EMA that they have just taken of the kids, that in most cases means that many of these kids won’t be able to further their education to university so they will be hit with a double whammy, no EMA and increased fees.

They really do make you sick.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood


Rubbish service

I AM writing to complain about the appalling service of ‘Enterprise’.

Our bin was left un-emptied as we had one small bag of rubbish ‘too much’.

Every week we read in the newspapers about this company and I find it disgraceful that they can get away with this kind of unacceptable service.

When I have visited the recycling center in Bickenhill, previously I have noticed all materials (eg glass, plastic) are crushed together! I have always recycled but now I don’t understand why we take up our time to separate the trash?

I hope this matter is taken seriously and I am completely disgusted by Enterprise and the council.

I hope your services improve as I am not satisfied.

Sammi Hotty, Solihull


Thanks Lions

WE wish to thank the Lions of Knowle & Dorridge for the beautiful Christmas parcel.

We do appreciate all your efforts for the seniors.

Brenda Reeves, name and address supplied


Get in line

RE comment from Denis Feasey (Letters) who was saddened by the animosity of motorists towards cyclists. Could it be that all the anger comes when his cycling club of 40 individuals goes out on a weekend meet?

My anger towards cyclists only materializes when I am in a queue of traffic following cyclists who ride two or sometimes three abreast having conversations and forming a completely ignorant “rolling road-block”.

At all other times I respect and give full consideration to sensible cyclists,but then I always try to consider others.

P Thorp, Solihull


Give a thought

RE the letter by Denis Feasey, Oh did’ums Denis are those horrible drivers shouting at you again? Never mind. Cast your thoughts on the thousands of children in Africa that have died because of the lack of a decent meal and clean water.

Whilst I have been writing this e-mail approximately 120 African children have died because of poverty.

Or give a thought to the sons of Great Britain out in Afghanistan who are making the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can all remain free to live our lives and pursue our free time activities as we want.

Man-up Denis you’re not going to make a difference to the environment by leaving your car at home and getting on your bike for a couple of hours. Count your blessings and happy pedalling.

God bless you all.

P Thomas, Baxters Rd, Shirley


First class aid

I WAS one of the unfortunate people who fell during the snowy weekend before Christmas and broke my wrist. I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment I had at A & E at Solihull Hospital - all the staff were efficient, caring and cheerful on what must have been a very busy weekend.

On subsequent visits it has been the same. I have been able to get to and from work using our regular Signature buses or at times the train. We are very lucky to live in Solihull!

Dorridge resident


Big heart

I WOULD like to thank readers who have so kindly supported the lifesaving work of the British Heart Foundation (BHF). Thank you for thinking of the BHF during a difficult time, and helping us to save lives.

Donna Stokes,

British Heart Foundation

volunteer fund raising manager



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