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Thorny issue

RE-Solihull News, June 11 - High Speed Rail Link - Green Answer’ - Caroline Spelman MP Meriden

RE-Solihull News, June 11 - High Speed Rail Link - Green Answer’ - Caroline Spelman MP Meriden

It is very easy for the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to back the High Speed Rail Link - she does not live on the route, in either of her two homes.

Blight on the homes though for some of her constituents in Meriden is inevitable.

I imagine Hampton-in-Arden residents are appalled at the thought of the HS2 charging through their village. Cars will still be needed to get to the stations on the route.

As we get more ruled over by the EU - under the Lisbon Treaty, transport issues are now covered by qualified majority voting (QMV) which can hand over transport to EU institutions.

Will Goverment be using tax-payers money to build a rail line for the convenience of the rail privateers of the EU? There are moves to create a European transport group with revenues of about EUR 6 billion

This venture needs far more consideration and the British Public need to know how, and where, their money is going to go .

Josie Herbert Chair SAMRA


Ripped off

we’ve all seen Birmingham Airport’s financial gain (car parks), in the interests of security, but I was recently dismayed by yet another ‘initiative’.

Last weekend my family and I flew home from Spain and proceeded to collect our suitcases, with my wife going off to find a trolley. She returned, trolley-less, telling me that we now have to pay £1 for the privilege!

We haven’t used the airport for nearly 12 months, so I may be completely behind the times, however, I have a bad back, but would rather drag my case along the floor than give these people any more money. We get ripped off with parking, with food and drink, even “Duty Free” is expensive. Do they think because we are in holiday mode, we will just overlook rip-off prices?

Dissatisied Air Traveller



Quiet crossing

I AGREE fully with the article by John Byron, “Road to Chaos” about the new pedestrian lights at the junction of Monkspath Hall Road and Stratford Road, but unfortunately he didn’t say why it was put there in the first place, because it must be one of the quietest pedestrian crossings in the borough!

And would anyone from Solihull Council like to tell us who decided to waste our money and put it there, and tell us what the total cost was?

Brian Jones, Alderbrook Road, Solihull


We have rights

IN response to John Byron’s letter about the construction of a cycle path and crossing on the Stratford Road at Monkspath Hall Road.

We are a family of five who cycle between Monkspath and Shirley. I also use the Stratford Road to commute from Monkspath into Birmingham. We have been desperate for the cycle route that stops just past Cranmore Boulevard, to be extended up to Monkspath and preferably up to Tesco and Blythe Valley.

We also regularly have to cross Monkspath Hall Road just off the main island. This is almost impossible to do safely with cars flying round the island at high speed.

It is only by ignoring knee-jerk cycle-haters like Mr Byron and making the routes around Solihull much more useable for cyclists, that the combination of car parks and race tracks that pass for roads in the borough will be relieved of the unsustainable volume of traffic.

Come on Solihull Council. Get some of these routes sorted out - starting with Widney Lane, Union Road and some proper facilities on Blossomfield Road to link up Shirley and Solihull. Busy roads are no place for cyclists protected only by a strip of cheap white paint.

And yes I pay income tax, council tax and two sets of car tax. The rights of tax-paying cyclists have been ignored for too long.

Gary Walker via e-mail



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