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Ticket issue

WHAT is your experience of buying a ticket at Dorridge railway station?

WHAT is your experience of buying a ticket at Dorridge railway station? Do you approach the ticket office more in hope than expectation of finding it open?

Have you, even at peak times, found a card in the window informing you that it is closed and then reminding you that not having a valid ticket could lead to a fine? Have you, as a result, stood in a queue at the ticket vending machine while your train leaves without you?

Do you struggle to understand why the vending machine can only provide tickets on your day of travel and not in advance? No? It must be just me then.

Alison Leah, via e-mail


Order please

I WOULD like to add to last week’s letter (Solihull News) about the Remembrance Service at Shirley this year.

It was good to note the improvements in the PA system used - the service could be heard very well. However we all felt a bit silly standing around in the pouring rain waiting for the service to start realising that it would be too late to have the two minutes silence actually at 11am.

Every year I ask about the orders of service. There is enough for one between six people at the most, and I doubt whether many people standing on the other side of the Stratford Road get to see one at all.

It seems to me that the numbers attending the service have increased year on year but the numbers of orders of service produced have remained the same. Please could this be different next year?

I noticed also that the condition of the war memorial has deteriorated. Maybe there could be some fund raising for restoration?

C Bell via email


Halt runway 2

THE news that Birmingham Airport Company is suspending plans to extend the runway across the Coventry Road is, I’m sure, very welcome indeed to residents in the east and south of Elmdon ward; however the issues of scarce funding and marginal returns on investment apply equally to the ever-present prospect of a second runway being added sometime after 2030.

Considering that residents’ homes in the Elmdon Hill and Damson Parkway areas have been blighted for over seven years because of that possibility, I’d suggest that it’s high time that BIA looked at that issue again and made a definitive decision one way or the other.

BIA needs to bite the bullet and commit to shelving runway two so that Elmdon residents can make informed choices as to where they go from here.

John Bramham,

Former Elmdon Councillor


Pay up plea

Open letter to Ian Austin MP, Minister for the West Midlands: For the sake of jobs and prosperity in the West Midlands, please intervene in the row between Birmingham International Airport and Advantage West Midlands over £25m funding towards the runway extension project.

If ever there was a good time for the construction work of moving and improving the A45 to facilitate the runway extension, it must be now; when workers are being thrown on the jobs scrap heap and construction costs have never been cheaper.

At a time when passenger numbers are down by 200,000 on last year, the economic attractiveness of the runway extension project is becoming less for shareholders than it is for the region. That is why the Government needs to support this vital project.

The point of the runway extension is that it will mean jobs – not just 600 construction jobs now and 2,500 jobs for airport staff - but new jobs and inward investment from long haul destination countries.

Frankly I don’t care which pot the promised £25m towards the £60m road improvements comes from - Manchester got £165m for road improvements which benefited the airport - but Government has to demonstrate to BIA shareholders that it has confidence that the runway extension is still an investment worth making.

Lorely Burt

MP for Solihull


Left waiting

LAST Thursday evening about 9pm a white car pulled up on Heaton Road, a guy got out went over to one of the houses where there is a young family and kicked the front door panel in. He ran off back to the car and it raced away.

The police were phoned about 9.15pm and the insurance company at about 9.45pm. The police were called again. I and the other neighbour stayed with the couple until about 10.30pm and the police had not arrived. The insurance team got there to do a temporary repair at 11.30pm and the police at 12 midnight.

I wonder how safe this young family feels in their own home now and how confident they are about getting support and protection when they really need it most ?

Jim via e-mail



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