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Touchwood Great British Summer poetry competition

Entrants to the Great British Summer poetry competition, in association with Touchwood, have been pouring in this week from our lyrical readers.

Entrants to the Great British Summer poetry competition, in association with Touchwood, have been pouring in this week from our lyrical readers.

Here's some of the entries so far from top poets from the Under 16 and 0ver 16 categories.

Under 16s - Natasha Curran, aged 10.

Winter’s gone, so has cold.

Just wait and see what the summer will hold.

Happiness and laughter and joy too,

loads of fun for me and you.

Splashing about until the day ends,

water guns at the ready soaking my friends.

We are all wet lying on the ground,

Not a peep, not even a sound.

No more time to spend,

the day has come to an end.

Over 16s - A Country Walk in Summer – By Doreen Gardner

Skies so blue, clear, summer is here after winter’s long promise

Cross the field in the early morn, skylark soaring high.

Down to the mill bridge, bricks warmed by the sun.

A chance breeze rustles the reeds, meadow sweet trails the scented air.

Wander along a winding stream, chirpy ducks, fluffy chicks nestle near.

Hear church bells ring, watch the white wedding

Happy summer bride, in a halo shining

Enter a wooded glade touch the gnarled oak a hundred years cool

Breath deep the pink honeysuckle and rose.

Climb the green bank, blood poppies nod their dainty heads

Taste the wild strawberries sun ripe ready to pick.

Too soon fading sun throws shadows o’er the ripe corn

Its last rays draw fragrance from the warm earth

Sunset sends our footsteps slowly wending home

Memories to keep of a country walk in summer.

Ode To The Sea (from Meriden – the centre of England) By Sue Barnes

How nice to be beside the sea

And hear the ocean’s roar

Walk hand in hand along the sand

And paddle by the shore

How nice to see the seagulls fly

And swoop across the foam

Making the calls we know so well

But never hear at home

To feel the sand between your toes

And smell the salty air

Watch children building sandcastles

Relaxing without care

How nice to see the golden sun

Setting across the sky

And watch ships in silhouette

As they go gliding by

How sad, had sad, to leave the sea

And all that it inspires

Making the mundane journey back

The land-locked Midland shires

But still, but still, we shall return

To see the sea once more

To paddle in sparkling waves

And walk the sandy shore

The Summer - Walter G Edmonds

Oh for the summers of long ago

Once I was a child so I should know

Long summer days ever so bright

Daylight lasting almost to midnight

Hot sunny days hardly a breeze

Not even a whisper amongst the trees

English strawberry’s laced with cream

We’ve waited all year for this delicious dream

No holiday abroad but better still

One day at the seaside at Weston or Rhyl

Striking music from the band

And Punch and Judy on the sand

Sand in our shoes our day ends with pride

An ice cream cone and a donkey ride

Oh for those days to come again

Instead of – mostly sunny but with some rain



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