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Twitter rages as the new name for Craig Croft is announced

What you said on Twitter:

What you said on Twitter:

Carl Purvin (@purv1966): “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!!”

Sarah Curry (@sarahbirdxo): “Who is Chelmund and since when has Craig Croft been his cross?!?”

Tammy Tuey (@tammy26176): “Call it what you want, ain’t gonna keep the chavvy kids from wreaking (sic) it.”

Coun Chris Williams (@chrisw100): “Chelmund’s Cross was quite clearly the community favourite. Pleased @SolihullCouncil were able to include community’s wishes.”

Simon (@Simonyar82): “It [Chelmund] is a hoax. Even sadder that young children were brainwashed into voting with a made up story.”



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Multimedia Journalist
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