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Tyre shock

I WAS shocked to see the burnt out garages and damage done to the neighbouring house as a result of tyres being set alight in the garage area between Rowood Drive and Draycote Close in Damsonwood (Solihull News).

I WAS shocked to see the burnt out garages and damage done to the neighbouring house as a result of tyres being set alight in the garage area between Rowood Drive and Draycote Close in Damsonwood (Solihull News). I am so thankful no one was seriously hurt, although one child had to have an overnight stay in hospital and many people were visibly deeply upset and shocked.

As ward councillor, I had been doing everything in my power to get the tyres which had been dumped illegally, removed.

When the council initially refused to help clear these tyres because the garage area is not council land, I investigated other ways of trying to help residents with this problem and was pleased to find an alternative funding source from one of the council’s partnership groups.

In the week that the order had been placed with Enterprise to remove the tyres, it seems a cruel irony that it seems many of these tyres were removed from the garages and deliberately and maliciously set on fire on the ground between the garages.

I am greatly relieved to learn today that following information given on the night, seven, 13 and 14 year olds – one living in Damsonwood and the others living nearby, have been questioned by police and have admitted they set fire to the tyres.

A full and thorough enquiry into what has gone on here from start to finish, and what lessons have been learnt is essential, and has, I am reliably informed already begun.

Jean Hamilton

Elmdon Ward Councillor


Faith matters

I AM sorry that P Thomas has not understood the subtleties of my argument for the necessity of reasons for faith.

When one is discussing faith with people who claim to be rationalists or atheists, one has to demonstrate that faith is rational. P Thomas himself had reasons to believe the person who told him about Christ. Some people need scientific reasons.

Similarly, the rationalists and atheists among Letters correspondents cannot claim that they do not have any faith. It might not be religious, but it certainly is faith - in scientists, the media and so on, because not one of them is able to establish personally all the facts of what he/she has been told.

Faith in what people tell us has to be very well based particularly when it concerns such matters as our eternal salvation. Christ is an historical fact. What He did and claimed to be is recorded in the New Testament and is in accord with the witness and prophecies of the Old Testament that foretold Him.

There can be few documents that have been more rigorously scientifically investigated and authenticated than those of the Bible. The Catholic Church, which traces its history back to Apostolic times, through the Holy Spirit of truth promised and sent by Christ, gave us the Bible, i.e. decided on which books of the Old Testament and accounts of Christ’s life and teaching to accept as divine revelation and free of error; and through the same Holy Spirit has the mandate ultimately, when there is division of opinion in serious matters concerning faith or morals, to decide on its interpretation.

Margaret Sealey via e-mail


Fears for PT

DESPITE previously ‘sparring’ with P Thomas in the past about his religious fervour in ‘Letters’, I have to say that I am becoming very concerned about him.

He is writing on an almost weekly basis vaguely linking some story or other in the news to Biblical passages - quite often the links are quite spurious.

I seriously believe he needs to speak to a counsellor, or someone in his own church maybe, who can try and calm him down a little bit.

It’s good that he has a faith that obviously means a lot to him, but I don’t think he is doing his faith, or himself, any favours by continuing his ramblings in your letters page.

Steve Hall

via e-mail



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