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Under threat

I refer to the letter published on May 7 in response to mine of the week before (Solihull News).

I refer to the letter published on May 7 in response to mine of the week before (Solihull News). The anonymous writer must live on the Planet Zog if he thinks the projects he quotes are a success.

The new roundabout on the A452 was built contrary to the advice of local people and does nothing to reduce the hazards of the S-bend, the garden centre, and the truck-stop. What it does do is to open the possibility of more unwanted road schemes and further encroachment in the Green Belt, not to mention putting £2 million on the national debt.

As for the proposed medical centre, 81% of residents wanted it sited within the community. After years of study, the original developer has backed out, the field is still empty, better sites remain vacant in the village centre, and Balsall Common has no NHS dentistry. Still, belts have to be tightened, and as with Solihull Hospital, it’s not going to be the bureaucracy that gets cut.

Oh, and Solihull Council have proposed to build 200 more houses on their land in the Green Belt, despite saying a few months earlier that the proposed medical centre wouldn’t set a precedent. One wonders what became of the two NHS dentists, said to be standing-by 12 months ago - perhaps they’re fixing teeth on the aforementioned planet.

Finally, I can tell your correspondent that the Action Alliance of people all along the HS2 route from Camden to Lichfield is now established. The government has wasted £9 million so far, without there being a proper look at what could be done to improve the existing infrastructure and minimise the impact on the environment and communities. Given his interest in democratic processes, perhaps your correspondent would like to come along to the open meeting arranged in the Fentham Hall, Hampton-in-Arden, on June 1 at 7.30pm.

Councillor Richard Lloyd,

Balsall Common


Life savers

LAST year I was taken to Solihull Hospital A&E department seriously ill. I can’t thank the A&E consultant and his team enough for saving my life. Also to every member of CDU ward for the follow up care that I received. Thanks to you I am now able to enjoy my beautiful grandson.

Jean Higgins

Address supplied


So grateful

I AM very grateful to the kind, honest gentleman who handed in my handbag from the Sainsburys car park, Stratford Road, Shirley on Friday morning, April 23. As I have no way of contacting him I hope he will see my letter and accept my sincere thanks. I have forwarded a donation to Macmillan Cancer Care.

Relieved customer


Monkey plea

I READ with interest the letter concerning the above. For many years my son was greatly amused by the monkey in Gordon Scotts when he was a young child. I too believe he is a part of Solihull High Streets history. Can I also be reassured he goes to a toy museum and is not thrown away.

S Gedge

Tiddington Close, Castle



Cuts booked

The recent news item “History group upset at library staff move’’ is indicative of what is happening to library services in Solihull.

It echoes the concerns Unison have about the future of library services in Solihull. Customers at Hobs Moat Library will no longer have highly trained library staff on hand to help them discover their family history.

Budget cuts which take effect from May 17 will mean fewer library staff and reduced library opening hours. The reduction of between five and six hours per week will be mirrored in five other community libraries Knowle, Olton,Dickens Heath, Kinghurst and Castle Bromwich.

This is the beginning of an incremental process to dismantle an important community service which is highly regarded by the residents of Solihull, and needs to be preserved. Jolyon Jones

Branch Secretary Solihull Unison



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