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THE campaign by Dorridge Residents opposed to Village Superstore (DROVS) against the size of the proposed supermarket in Dorridge is gathering momentum.

THE campaign by Dorridge Residents opposed to Village Superstore (DROVS) against the size of the proposed supermarket in Dorridge is gathering momentum.

We are not opposed to the redevelopment of Forest Court but to the size of the store proposed by Sainsbury’s.

Concerns are that there has been no effective discourse with local people and that until now the residents did not appreciate the scale of the development.

Sainsbury’s conclude that their proposals will “attract shoppers away from existing out-of-centre facilities to a more appropriate town centre location”. They use the words town centre throughout their application. Dorridge is not a town, it is a village, and one of our objections is that it does not have the roads to cope with the traffic a superstore would generate.

If you would like to register your objections before the planning meeting then write to G Palmer Dip TP, MRTPI, Head of Design and Development, Solihull MBC, PO Box 11652, Solihull B91 9YA

Quoting Planning Application Dorridge 2009/1746

You can also register your support for us by emailing or by calling 01564 230091.

Amanda Pemberton

DROVS, Dorridge


Stay weekly

TO its credit, Solihull Council has maintained a weekly collection of non-recyclable household refuse instead of following the national trend and making it fortnightly.

According to the available evidence - such as letters to this newspaper and others - this is what a majority of local residents want. But the weekly collection is under threat.

The Audit Commission, the local authority spending watchdog, has sent local councils new “guidance” on waste disposal, warning that authorities which failed to show they had considered fortnightly collections would be given poor inspection reports.

Obviously, fortnightly rather than weekly collections save money - and councils are under pressure from Government to find savings.

The commission can refuse to sign off a council’s finances if it doesn’t toe the line - a situation I imagine Solihull MBC would like to avoid.

But I hope the council won’t give in to this blatant Big Brother bullying. The reasons for keeping the weekly collection are as valid as they’ve ever been: problems with vermin are diminished together with the risk of an increase in fly-tipping.

Peter Kennedy



Speaking out

HAVE I missed something? Why was it necessary for Lorely Burt MP to address a recent planning meeting regarding two items at Wharf Lane and Streetsbrook Road, both in Silhill Ward?

I ask this because on her web page she states ‘What I can’t do’ ‘I can raise your planning issues with the Council and tackle bureaucratic hold-ups, but cannot take a personal view for or against any individual application. I must act impartially for my constituents’

My question is – where was our MP when residents in Sharmans Cross Road, in St Alphege ward were fighting to prevent a detrimental development on the rugby club site recently? Why does she favour one ward and not another, and in view of her remarks on her website should she have spoken at all?

Anne Kew

St Alphege ward resident


Bigger Tesco

WHAT Knowle needs is a larger Tesco, achievable by expansion into the big Sorting Office next door, which will be sold off when the Post Office undergoes its promised reconstruction.

If this were to happen, delivery lorries would not need to drive down our High Street, nor would the Conservation Area be desecrated by the circuitous route around St John’s Close green proposed by Waitrose. The Village Hall, also the newly re-furbished Council bungalows would not be affected either.

Parking for the enlarged Tesco could partly be accommodated on the Sorting Office site, and further roadside parking could easily be achieved by installing diagonal instead of in-line parking from the Scout hut towards Lodge Road where there is already a useful alternative footpath alongside the maisonettes on that north western side.

Surely the Sainsbury’s vastly over-ambitious plan for Dorridge will be rejected?

The site could then be offered to the smaller Waitrose project which would draw in custom from the countryside with easier access there than to the already over-crowded and often congested Knowle.

Please Solihull Council do some lateral thinking over these highly contentious proposals before deciding the fate – and possible ruination – of both Knowle and Dorridge

Stella Jarman

Knowle Resident



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