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Vote of thanks

THROUGH the Solihull News I would like to personally thank the 23,460 residents who voted Conservative last Thursday.

THROUGH the Solihull News I would like to personally thank the 23,460 residents who voted Conservative last Thursday. I would also like to say a huge thank you to my dedicated helpers who gave so much of their time and energy throughout the hard-fought campaign.

Conservatives here in Solihull can be proud of themselves and can hold our heads high knowing we ran a clean and positive campaign about policies not personalities. Rest assured, the Conservatives in Solihull will continue to work on behalf of every resident on the issues that really matter.

Maggie Throup, Shirley


Not to blame

I object to the comment by Solihull’s Returning Officer, Mark Rogers (Solihull News) that the ballot counting process had been hampered by voters who returned postal votes to polling stations.

I am registered as a postal voter because I am sometimes out of the country. As soon as my postal ballot papers arrived in April I checked the return options. The instructions set out clearly that they may be posted or returned to any polling station by 10pm on election day, and this led my decision to return them to my polling station. The instructions do not say this will be inconvenient, and they don’t say it will ‘hamper the process’!

I strongly object to Mr Rogers using me, and others like me, as his excuse for missing some arbitrary target time for announcing the election result, and also the implication that unexpected challenges were valiantly overcome in order to announce the result.

Patrick McCormick via e-mail


Work begins

CAN I thank those residents of Chelmsley Wood who voted for me, and the party workers who helped me in being elected back onto Solihull Council last week.

I also pay tribute to the other candidates who fought a hard campaign, but now that the election is over hope we can all work together to ensure the regeneration programme delivers real benefits for residents of North Solihull.

Councillor Nick Stephens


Bizarre result

Well-what a sorry mess we are now in -Will the Lib/Dems ever get their supporters back when this debacle gets over.? If ever!

In Solihull Lorely Burt MP’s vote now becomes a vote for the Conservatives after narrowly defeating Maggie Throup Conservative in the Election !- Am I living in cloud cuckoo land?

Josie Herbert SPC


Local voice

DESPITE last week’s election results seeing local issues sidelined by national concerns, we in the Solihull and Meriden Residents Association (SAMRA) which was formed only in March specifically to provide a locally based choice were pleased that our democratic system did allow us to provide that option.

We congratulate the successful council candidates and wish them well and especially thank all those residents who supported SAMRA.

Trevor Eames

Solihull and Meriden Residents Association (SAMRA)


Staying power

I WOULD like to thank all of you who voted for me in last weeks local election. Just to let you know that I was the only one who stayed and went up to the podium to hear the results read out (I felt like the winner actually).

At least I had the decency to stay and hear the peoples decision. How arrogant the main parties are. Well, you know what you’re going to get!

Linda Brown

SAMRA candidate


Stop it now

A scandalous invasion of privacy by a bunch of travellers on green belt land at Meriden is a great wrong and must be rectified. This precious land is not for building on or communal living.

A sanctuary of tranquility disturbed and disrupted. Who in all honesty would want this on their doorstep.

The villagers have human rights as well.

Solihull Council should encourage the travellers to clear up and clear out and find an alternative site where planning permission is possible and let common sense prevail and not set a precedent for further abuse.

P McGrath

Arnold Road, Shirley


For mom

RECENTLY our mom spent a few weeks in Solihull Hospital after having a stroke from which she did not recover.

We would like to thank all the staff from paramedics to ward 8 Stroke ward at Solihull Hospital for the care, kindness and TLC she received from everyone concerned and also the kindness shown to the family.

We have the greatest admiration for all the staff at Solihull Hospital for their dedication and kindness. Thank you so much.

The family of Dorothy Horton


Crossing fury

I attended the consultation for the proposed road alterations for Old Lode Lane. I know that some people think something must be done about the speed of vehicles down this road but fail to see how it relates to the safety for the school.

Like any other schools the biggest problem for the traffic relates to the parents taking their children to school and picking them up.

I spoke to the road engineer, I believe employed by Solihull Council, who is in charge of the project and it was then that I found out that this consultation meeting was a complete waste of time. His mind is made up.

The point in question is the service road at the junction of Ebrington Avenue. There are a limited number of parking spaces in this service road but already almost 50 per cent have been removed.

The engineer wants to extend the pavement into this parking area to drop the kerb and put a zebra crossing across Old Lode Lane. When I questioned why the pavement was to be extended it was so motorists in the service road could see children crossing the service road.

When I asked how many children had been injured in the service road in the past 20 years the answer was none and he intended to do all this next to a kerb that was already dropped to allow a tenant to park his car on the pavement. His reply was that this was a vehicle access and should not be used for crossing the service road.

By this time I realised the stupidity of the whole thing.

Alan James

Ebrington Avenue, Solihull



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