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Voting Labour

I am writing in connection to Councillor Simon Slater’s change of political allegiance from Lib Dem to Labour.

I am writing in connection to Councillor Simon Slater’s change of political allegiance from Lib Dem to Labour.

I must congratulate Simon on sticking to the principles on which he fought his election in May.

But he is not the only one a trawl of the internet will reveal Lib Dem councillors have deserted to Labour in Liverpool, Sheffield, Hull and Exeter.

It is to be hoped that other LibDem councillors with a conscience will also follow Simon.

However it does clearly illustrate one truth; that in Solihull if you vote Lib Dem you get Labour.

C D Collier, Solihull


Listen to us

What a joy it was to see such a brilliant turn out of local people to demonstrate their fierce objection to yet more plans by developers to build more properties in our crowded little village.

Marston Green is already full to capacity with both people and traffic, and no statistics are going to change what is blazingly obvious to the naked eye.

It seems that Solihull planners are ignoring the spirit and intent of the recent Government legislation with mealy mouthed excuses, that it only eases the rulings but does not change them. Am I wrong to think it now passes the authority to the planning committee, so they can put local people’s wishes ahead of greedy land developers?

Why are they not supporting Marston Green residents, who already suffer from airport noise and traffic way in excess of bearable limits?

This problem has been exacerbated since the owners of the Marston Green Tavern imposed a charge on anyone using their car park.

People now park all over the place and we are literally choking in car fumes, as well as aeroplane fumes.

Mary Ross, Marston Green


Not cheap

After reading the article ‘homes plan sparks mass protest’ (Solihull News) I went along to the only estate agent ‘in the village’ which is Ferndown and requested the details of the 97 homes for sale in the village at less than £100,000. Unfortunately there are none, where is the mockery? May I ask who is supplying you with your information?

Sophie Ashford via e-mail


A masquerade

The letter from Neill Watts regarding Fairtrade really scrapes the barrel as an attempt to gain political kudos from the achievements of others (Solihull News). The commitment of Solihull Council to Fairtrade was made by the former Conservative administration with all-party support well before the foundation of Samra.

A political party headed up by a UKIP Member of the European Parliament masquerading as a residents association does no service to the many genuine residents associations across the borough who do sterling work for communities throughout the year. Samra should come clean about its political nature instead of trading on the reputation of those who really get things done.

It is also interesting that a visit to its website provides no details of its accounts or any political donations that funded the newspaper wrappers, billboard and mobile posters at this year’s elections and the public should know whether these were paid for by membership fees, residents, European money or personal donations.

Ken Meeson – Leader of Conservative Group


No dogs

Due to a change in legislation on April 6, 2008, Solihull Police Station (indeed all police stations in the West Midlands force area) does not have the facility to accept stray dogs (Letters). Instead, the public should contact Solihull Council (or their local authority) which provides a service to deal with stray dogs. For more visit or by telephoning 0121 704 8000.

Solihull Police



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