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Wakey wakey

IT’S 9.15am, Sunday morning, all is well in the world as I lie in my bed.

IT’S 9.15am, Sunday morning, all is well in the world as I lie in my bed. Then the piece is shattered by a brummie whine, a horrible cacophony of one of the worst regional accents we have in this country .... “scrap iron”.

I have followed letters written over the past two or three months to this newspaper .... most of them oppose these pests who are in direct breech of The Control of Pollution Act 1974.

Some supported the merchants as they provide some sort of service to a community.

The people who believe in some sort of community service provision by scrap metal merchants have perhaps not been woken up by a whining idiot’s repetitive, and this is why I cannot support those who have written in to the Solihull News over the past few months in support of these destructive, annoying nuisance members of our society.

They are just another branch of those who do not give a monkey’s uncle about what they do, who they do it to or what damage or nuisance they cause.

The more people who are annoyed by this unacceptable behaviour who then contact Solihull Council at will be making a valuable and worthwhile contribution to the possible cessation of scrap metal merchants’ activity.

Time to end them.

Name and address supplied


Ban them

I COMPLETELY agree with the complaints raised against scrap metal merchants.

I’ve lived on the Hillfield estate for the past two years with my wife. We bought the house because it was in a quiet area. My wife works in the city, but I spend most days either renovating the house or working from home as a business owner. I’ve therefore spent more time at my house than most of my neighbours. I’ve counted seven or eight different metal merchants regularly visiting the area over the past two years.

When they’re not about, the estate is mainly quiet, when an ice cream van visits, it can only be heard within a short distance and they rarely visit anyway.

When a scrap metal merchant visits the estate playing its warped sounding ‘old iron’ noise, it is much louder and can be heard from a much greater distance.

I know this because I can hear it for a long time travelling around the estate. Sometimes I can hear two merchants at the same time! So the statement they are ‘no noiser’ is untrue. Also they work seven days a week, visiting weekends which hard working professionals are trying to enjoy.

Their vans are an eyesore too - open and clearly visible carried rubbish on many poorly maintained diesel belching vehicles. This is unacceptable in residential areas -scrap metal merchants should be banned from entering housing estates forever.

Alistair Lawes, via e-mail



THERE’S a lot to be said for solar panels. They are eco-friendly and energy saving.

However, the two sets of solar panels that have appeared on houses in our road look absolutely hideous - extensive metallic-looking frameworks against traditional dark brown tiled roofs!

People do not need planning permission to install solar panels but I believe councils require that they must be fitted to “minimise visual impact and impact to the amenity of the area”.

Epsom council, for example, have ordered the removal of solar panels from traditional homes because they go against the “character and visual quality” of that particular borough.

As more solar panels are installed, Solihull council will be presented with a real problem.

Planning permission should be a requirement, for street facing installations at least. I believe that solar panels are manufactured in different colours, for example, with tile or slate coloured frames and so with a bit of proper planning this new innovation can be blended in to our streetscapes.

A Knowle Resident



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