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Wandering wardens make costly mistake

A CONFUSED traffic warden from Birmingham has been handing out parking tickets in the wrong borough.

A CONFUSED traffic warden from Birmingham has been handing out parking tickets in the wrong borough.

John McDaid, from Solihull Lodge, was annoyed to discover his car had been ticketed when he returned an hour-and-a-half after parking it on a wide stretch of pavement in Oxhill Road, Solihull on April 20.

But dismay soon turned to bemusement when he realised the ticket had been issued, not by Solihull but by a Birmingham City Council attendant.

“My car was parked without any obstruction so I don’t know why I received a ticket but what was even stranger was that it came from Birmingham,” said Mr McDaid.

“It doesn’t take much working out that there was an error. I don’t know why a Birmingham warden is driving round Solihull. I wonder if it was a rookie or something. Perhaps a trip to Specsavers or a Sat Nav might be useful.”

Mr McDaid said the Penalty Charge Notice, which also incorrectly referred to him as ‘Mrs McDaid’, pressured him to pay the fine as soon as possible.

“It’s £60 but they say if you pay within 14 days it’s £30. I was quite tempted to pay straight away just to avoid the extra charge but I knew it wasn’t right. I wonder though how many other tickets have been given out and paid to Birmingham Council by people not confident enough to complain?”

The 48-year-old appealed his ticket to Birmingham Council who eventually admitted their mistake after three weeks.

But when asked if Birmingham Council would apologise for the blunder, a spokeswoman said: “Are you being serious? He was ticketed by mistake. This happens all over the country. If it’s not absolutely clear where the border is, mistakes will happen.

“But he’s appealed and it’s been rescinded.”

A Solihull Council spokesperson said they had been unaware of Mr McDaid’s parking ticket.



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Multimedia Journalist
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