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Warning over deadly algae

THREE weeks ago my beloved deerhound died a most horrendous death from blue green algae poisoning.

THREE weeks ago my beloved deerhound died a most horrendous death from blue green algae poisoning.

During the past six months she, along with my three other dogs, have been exercised exclusively in Elmdon Park. There are no warnings of any problems, but I reported this matter to Solihull Council. This is a warning to dog owners to be on their guard as my dog only drank a small amount of water from one of the man-made ponds by the main lake and died within 36 hours at the vets.

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Referendum is our right

NIKKI Sinclaire is asking for a referendum on membership of the EU (Letters October 1) because every promise that was made at the 1975 referendum regarding preservation of British sovereignty has been broken. If we live in a democracy why are so many of our laws handed down to us from Brussels and not from Westminster?

Before the Euro-elections in 2009, a BBC opinion poll showed 55 per cent wanted to withdraw from the EU and 84 per cent did not want the Lisbon Treaty. Yet still our politicians deny us a referendum.

If we did leave the EU we would save more than £10 billion per annum in next contributions, stop unrestricted immigration from EU states, discard unnecessary regulation that makes our exports less competitive and our lives more complicated, regain control of our own fishing grounds - isn’t cheaper cod and chips an excellent reason for withdrawal?

By contrast, there is no longer any good reason for being in the EU. I hope readers will sign the petition to give us all a choice about Britain’s future.

J Nurcombe

Marcliff Crescent, Shirley


In defence of a true disciple

I WRITE in response to P Ryan’s comments to P Thomas, I quote: “his ill-informed shrieking clap trap” .

I would say the boot’s on the other foot, P Ryan. I for one enjoy P Thomas’s articles because I know he is telling the truth. People don’t like the truth because it can make them feel uncomfortable and so you get such a reaction as from PR.

I say to him, you don’t have to read those letters it obviously makes you very uncomfortable.

What P Thomas is doing in writing how he does is no more than what our God asks of us who do believe the Bible and its wonderful contents. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting of it.

And the Psalmist says, “Taste and see that the Lord is Good, blessed is the man who trusts in Him.

Betty Tanner

Bentley Heath Cottages


Road is worse

HAS anyone visited Reservoir Road since it was resurfaced a few months back?

I thought resurfacing was supposed to improve the state of the road - not make it worse.

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