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We won’t be back

I CAN only conclude that Toys r Us are experiencing trading difficulties and are short of cash, as they have now decided to impose draconian car park charges on ‘their’ rear car park on the Sears Retail Park.

I CAN only conclude that Toys r Us are experiencing trading difficulties and are short of cash, as they have now decided to impose draconian car park charges on ‘their’ rear car park on the Sears Retail Park.

On a car park my wife has been using for many years, they have decided to charge her £50 for a stay of 62 minutes.

This car park is used by patrons of many Sears Retail Park outlets eg B&Q, Mothercare etc and the adjacent Halfords, Hobbycraft and Sainsbury’s.

Isn’t the philosophy for ‘out of town shopping’ that car parking is plentiful and free. Why in an ocean of free non-restrictive car parking, is this not the same?

Toys r Us have employed a company – G24 Ltd – to do their bullying in the playground. Can this company impose such money making schemes? Is sending these notifications legal?

Why not make the car park ‘pay & display’ or some other civilised method of payment/collection, if Toys r Us are so short of cash? Why has the council not insisted that they have large clear signage stating this is a private car park (if it is) and not what it is – A Car Trap!

My wife and I know where will be spending our ‘pocket money’ from now on – not at Toys r Us!

CC of Knowle


Driving danger

IT IS with great sadness I learn that another cyclist has been killed in a collision with a vehicle.

As a regular weekend cyclist, riding through the streets and lanes of Solihull, it is truly disturbing to witness the number of impatient and careless motorists who seek to pass regardless of any oncoming traffic or any hazards faced by the cyclist in front.

In many instances, these motorists are not just the odd idiot but the ‘typical’ middle aged family men and women that we find throughout our borough.

Each week I encounter at least one close call that could very easily have ended in a serious injury. Many of the motorists involved expect cyclists to ride over the drain covers, potholes and road debris that they so desperately avoid in their four wheels.

Any motorist involved in a collision with a cyclist, due to their recklessness, should as a minimum face the prospect of a substantial custodial sentence. This should help to focus their minds when next sharing a road with other users.

Pervinder Johal

Oakland Close



Thanks voters

A VERY big thank you to the residents of Elmdon for putting their trust in me and electing me as their third Lib Dem Councillor.

Councillor Martin Hewings

Elmdon Ward


Off to Redditch too

I WOULD like to endorse what Mrs Pybent and Grace Ingram have said about Shirley and Redditch (Letters).

Shirley has fast become a no-go zone for shopping, thanks to the shelving of our longed for shopping centre.

Asda cannot be blamed on other businesses or the poor state of Shirley High Street.

I also shop in Redditch, a fantastic place - clean and welcoming.

J Greatrex

Baxters Road, Shirley


Putting I first

WHY all the controversy about religion?

All religions are simple man made superstitions. What is the difference between believing the number 13 is unlucky and believing there is a god? The important word I believe. There is nothing factual about any of it.

Harry Scharf

Ulverley Green Road, Solihull


A Grimm tale

I AGREE with C Darwin (News May 14) I too would like to hear an explanation from P Thomas on Noah’s Ark.

As there were supposed to be two of all creatures on board, that certainly wouldn’t have been the case when the ark docked.

The spiders would have eaten the flies, the cats and dogs would have caught birds, mice etc for food, just as the lions and tigers would have killed and eaten antelope, deer, zebras etc.

I would rather read Grimms Fairy Tales.

J Greaves

Stonor Road, Hall Green


For the troops

TO everyone who came to VE Day celebrations on May 8 at Digbeth-in-the-field URC Yardley for a musical tour around Europe with the AD concert band, thank you.

A total of £885 was raised for Troop Aid.

Pat Climer, Sheldon



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