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My drama group (Union Theatre) meets every Tuesday and Thursday night and after our Thursday night rehearsal, we always go for a drink to round off the evening.

My drama group (Union Theatre) meets every Tuesday and Thursday night and after our Thursday night rehearsal, we always go for a drink to round off the evening.

For the past 20 years we have frequented the George/Ramada Hotel, where on some nights we have been their only customers. Our numbers range from anything from eight to 20 plus and thus we have generated a good income for them on a regular basis every Thursday.

As a gesture of goodwill over the years they have waived the 65p parking charge for us by raising the barrier for us to leave at the end of the evening, in recognition of our regular, and what we thought was, valued custom.

You can imagine our surprise therefore when, two weeks ago, we were all told we had to pay £2 to get out of the car park!

I understand them having a charge during the day, due to their proximity to the town centre, but £2 for an hour to drink in the evening is wholly unacceptable.

For a start, that makes it a dearer car park than any of the others after 6pm (i.e. Touchwood) and secondly, it’s yet another tax on people enjoying themselves.

What amazed us the most was the fact that the hotel staff were unequivocal in their demands and were not interested in the fact that we had been loyal customers over 20 years.

We calculated how much revenue they have had from us over the past 10 years alone and we estimate it to be £40,000.

Needless to say, we have taken our business elsewhere.

Rosemary Worsley, Bronte Farm Road, Shirley


Bus plea

It’s that time of year again, the time when all our councillors that are up for election appear seeking our vote, telling us how better they are than their opposition.

Having just read the first election correspondence from Councillor Rushen, I had to sit down through amazement due to the contents of the said literature.

Firstly there is a photo of Ken about to board a number 41 bus with the following text under it: “Ken has been working to improve the bus services in Lyndon Ward”.

Ken, maybe you can advise your voters what happened to our 32 bus route? Or maybe our 38 bus route? Or even our S12 bus route? Before you were elected to represent us we were content with our 32, 41 and 42C bus routes.

The only complaint we had was the constant missing vehicles, but as Ken you are a car driver and never use a bus what would you know?

Allow me next to cast readers minds back regarding Music Service cuts in Solihull. When the Conservatives made cuts Coun Norman Davies and colleagues including our MP were all up in arms about the cuts, now the Lib Dems are in power, it’s a different story.

I remember the literature that came through my letterbox, the comments at the time made by Coun Davies on the subject of this valuable service.

Mr A Launchbury, Richmond Road, Solihull


Highest price

Nowadays we hear a lot from Afganistan about the lads that are daily putting there lives on the line so that we can sleep safely in our beds at night.

These British soldiers are paying the price for our safety.The Bible tells us,[ John 15 v 13 ] Greater love has no one than to lay down their life for their friends. As we head towards Easter, the highest price ever paid for our lives was the price paid by Jesus Christ on a cross and it was paid for the whole of mankind, the miracle of the cross, and the sacrifice that Christ made assured all who believe in him can receive his loving provision.

As the Lord Jesus hung on the cross, two criminals were crucified next to him. One railed at the Lord in unbelief, whilst the other cried out in faith to our Lord.’’Lord remember me when you come into your Kingdom’’.To him our Lord Jesus said “today you will be with me in paradise’’.

Our eternal destiny depends on our decision. Jesus said of himself, he who believes in him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already.[ John 3 v 18 ]

On this Good Friday lets thank Jesus for paying for our sins.Let’s give a thought to the sons of Britain who are selfless and brave and let’s all live our lives the way Jesus taught us.

P Thomas, Baxters rd, Shirley



I would like to express our thanks to the customers and staff of Sainsbury’s Maypole for their support of Shirley Lions Easter Egg Raffle on April 9-10.

This was in support of the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation in Birmingham who respond to the needs of young people and families affected.

We collected the sum of £475 and all three prizes of Easter Eggs have now been distributed to the lucky winners.

If you would like to know more about Shirley Lions please go to

Martin Conlon

President Shirley Lions



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